Agosto Foundation has opened a call for donations in support of the Perpedes Grant Program on the website. We support artists and art-oriented local communities in the regions through a progressive grant program without excessive bureaucracy.


This year, the Perpedes program has 500,000 CZK at its disposal. Help us to elevate this figure! Your money will go directly to creators and active cultural groups who seek answers to the burning questions of the day through their sensitivity and vision, and by providing space for art and cultural activities in their localities. We support small initiatives, too, and for us even small gifts are important.

The call is detailed on the website, which is run by the Via Foundation for approved organizations. Further information can be found both there and on our website at by clicking the little orange butterfly that appears on the right on most every page.

Describing what it’s like to do projects in smaller cities and rural communities, we have participated in a broadcast on Czech Radio Vltava with representatives from local groups, which you can listen to here: (Czech only).

We continue to develop the Perpedes Grant Program, and we invite your ideas and comments concering how you think we can improve the project and make our support more effective. We look forward to hearing from you:

Have a look at whom we supported in last year’s inaugural round: Results of the Inaugural Perpedes Grant Program 2017.

What else can you do?

In addition to the Perpedes grant program, you can also support the continuing operations of the Agosto Foundation as a whole, or you can establish a donor challenge on our behalf.

And if you have any good ideas for groups and projects that fit our goals and are in need of support, please let us know.