New Website + Media and Resources Library

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the new Agosto Foundation website, including a Media and Resources Library, will launch early next month.

With greater ease and improved search capability, the new site is designed to make in-depth research materials accessible to the arts community, both locally and beyond Prague city limits. Beginning next month, a growing catalogue of articles, video, and audio in the online Media and Resources Library will document Agosto’s past and upcoming projects, as well as the work of other artists and individuals involved in the creation of thoughtful, engaging work.

It’s our hope that the new site fosters greater exchange across disciplines and meaningful, compelling dialogue within creative communities.

Please watch this space for updates.

Artist Residency: Official list of Artists-in-Residence and Staff


Richard Ashrowan

Ritwik Banerji

Sebastian Branche

Kristína Chrasteková

Annie Gosfield

Zachary Kerschberg

Roger Kleier

Ivan Palacký

Jakub Samek

Bethany Lacktorin

Katherine Liberovskaya

Cristina Maldonado 

Frank Mauceri 

Phill Niblock

Christopher Williams


Residency Staff

Residency Director

George Cremaschi



Allison Johnson

Technical Director

Petr Vrba

Residency Coordinator

Alena Ochrymčuková