Álom a Vojta Lavička

Limbo I, 1998
Plasy Monastery

The Álom group was founded by Vojta Lavička in the second half of the 1990s to return to the roots of the Roma music. Álom ensemble interprets Roma folk music in an unorthodox way: faster songs prevail, typical nostalgia is also present, startng with long strings, supported by dulcimer. The well-coordinated ensemble of skilled musicians was enhanced by the voice of Simona Šenkiová, whose solo in Aj Gel is one of the highlights of their repertoire.

Vojtěch Lavička studied violin at the Prague Conservatory and then he was interested in classical music. Later he became a primate of Moravian folklore ensemble Rosénka. In 1992 he co-founded the Roma studio of the Czech Radio and later moderated the television programs. He is the author of music for the documentary series "Pictures from the History of the Roma" and for theater performances of the Puppet Empire "O Mariule" and a performance of the Continuo Circus. He composed sound track as well for the movie Roaming. He wrote the title song of Mad Wife's Diary in which he played one of the lead roles. In the second half of the nineties founded Álom, two years he worked in the alternative band Deep Sweeden. He then founded the Roma music groups Do Konec and Bench Band, from which most of the members of Bengas recruit. At present he teaches at the International Conservatory in Prague a subject Work in a recording studio and is the head of the PR department of the Prague Conservatory.