The Agosto Foundation was founded in Prague in 2013 as a private entity to promote social and cultural programs, supporting their development and intersection through a transdisciplinary approach.

Slavek Kwi
CENSE Almanac 2021
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Grandville Katzenmusik Charivari Rough Music
Noise and Silence
The Soundscape And Spirituality Hillel Schwartz
Environmentální výchov v praxi. Děti z místní ZŠ.-decka-hrabou.jpg
Cottage Punk or Whatever in Kyjov
An Interview with Barbora Lungová Ondřej Navrátil Black Edition
Hildegard Westerkamp

Web3 and Ecosystemic Resilience
Part I Speculations on the Naturechain Dustin Breitling
All the Sounds are Interconnected
Interview with Tomáš Šenkyřík Ondřej Navrátil Black Edition
david rothenberg
Music out of Nature
David Rothenberg GHMP Dům u Kamenného zvonu 23 September, 2021 at 6 PM
Maybe There’s No Longer a Way Back
Miloš Vojtěchovský on his installation Census and the limits of speculative thought
How Do You Hear the Fruits of the Tree?
An Interview with Lasse-Marc Riek Republished from Fifteen Questions
David Dunn Interview-dunn-poster.jpg
Music, Language, Environment
An Interview with David Dunn by René van Peer (1996)
The Chef and the Pilot
The Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture (JSD) Installation at Vzlet, March 2021
Soundscape Ecology Plunges Us Into a Wilder World Beyond the Mundane and Merely Visual Bernie Krause
Prague: An Introduction
Studiolum Free University by Tamás Sajó
Antropocene Out Loud
Sound as a Tool to Study Modern Nature Anna Kvíčalová
Ordering of Sounds
The Homogenization of Listening in the Age of Globalized Soundscapes Sabine Breitsameter
photo: Lasse-Marc Riek-acoeco-header.jpg
Acoustic Ecology
Exploring the Aural World An Acoustic Ecology Reader
Lecture and Presentation by Martin Howse 1 September 2020, 6 PM Artmap Bookstore
Inferior Geology
Martin Howse