Aleš Hnízdil

Spatial Line
installation, granary
Plasy Monastery 1995

A line receiving and giving energy on the principle of the conscious connection with the principle of immortality. A line of a geographic intersection of a place-through its penetration of people, it is a mark of existence at the moments of the consciousness of the mutuality of this principle. A line also penetrates the energy of people who are unaware of this principle and are only permeated by it.

Aleš Hnízdil, 1995

Aleš Hnízdil (b. 1954) is a Czech sculptor and installation artist.

Education: 1969–73 Sculpture study at the Secondary School of Sculpture in Hořice;1973–79 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague; 1983–84 GHK Hochschule fur bildende Kunst, Kassel Germany.

As a teacher, he taught at the Faculty of Architecture of TheTechnical Unversity (ČVUT) in Prague and at the Technical University in Liberec. He is currently lecturing at The Pedagogic Faculty of Landscape Architecture of the FAPPZ – CZU in Prague.

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