Martin Klapper and Raymond Strid

8mm film projection with live percussion
Plasy Monastery 1995

Entarctic Shelf Festival: 23 June – 3 July, 1995


Martin Klapper invited Raymond Strid to the festival and performed in one of the rooms in the second floor of the convent. The 8mm film projection consisted of found footage of a boxing match.

I think Klapper and Strid were supported by the Danish organisation for experimental music SKRÆP - experimental musicforum - an association of composers, musicians and performers, who organizes concerts with experimental music, avantgarde, performances, multimedia and improvised music.

Martin Klapper (b. 1963, Prague) works mostly with collage, assemblage and mixed media (experiments with less conventional materials such as wax, foam rubber, plastic, minerals, etc.) Since 1981, Klapper is active in the field of experimental music and multimedial performances/actions. From 1980 participation in, and organizer of, various performances with the under- ground group “Der Die Das Elektrishe Messer...Was?”. Became in 1983 member of the hardcore punk group “A/64” as a saxophone player. In 1984 co-founder of, and musician in, the experimental trio “Alfred Startka”. Since 1984 resident in Denmark. Music performances in Denmark, Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary, England, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Sardinia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and U.S.A. together with: Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Johannes Bergmark, Jindrich Biskup, Ida Bittová ,Mark Browne, Chris Burn, John Butcher, Don Byron, Conspiracy, Mikolás Chadima, Eugene Chadbourne, Jim Denley, Mihail Dresch, Giessen Improvisers Pool, GUSH, Erhard Hirt, Tim Hodgkinson, John Jasnoch, Catherine Jauniaux, Radu Malfatti, Phil Minton, Jeffrey Morgan, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, John Russell, Hans Schneider, Robyn Schulkowsky, LaDonna Smith, Amanda Stewart, Raymond Strid, Pat Thomas, Roger Turner, Wiesbadener Improvisations Ensemble - among many others. Has for many years had a duo in collaboration with Jindrich Biskup.

Raymond Strid (b. 1956, Stockholm) is a Swedish drummer in the genre of free jazz and the new European improvised music. When Strid picked up drumming, he was inspired by musicians like Han Bennink, Paul Lytton, and Tony Oxley. He started his musical career relatively late. His debut concert was in September 1977, after first playing with a variety of local bands in Stockholm. In 1988 he founded the ‘GUSH’ trio together with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and the pianist Sten Sandell. Since that time Strid has played in a series of bands and projects, such as in the trio Guy/Gustafsson/Strid, Marilyn Crispell/Anders Jormin/Raymond Strid and the Free Jazz trio LSB with Fredrik Ljungkvist and Johan Berthling. Strid played at numerous festivals of free improvisation in Europe and North America. He also teaches in musical improvisation.

This documentary film by Alice Růžičková and Martin Čihák is a portrait of three expatriates who left Czechoslovakia and settled in Copenhagen where they fully enjoy the benefits of Danish welfare system. Martin Klapper, a globe-trotter, is author of experimental films with powerful visual imagery, using the hand-made and found footage methods. In this documentary we will see excerpts from his film collages, which he accompanied by sounds of children’s toys and amplified objects.

Pozitivní negativ is a portrait of Martin Klapper by Alice Růžičková and Martin Ćihák.