Luboš Fidler / Oldřich Janota: Birds

sound and kinetic installation
ambit in the convent
Plasy Monastery 1992

"The installation 'Birds' is a mobile sound object which does not need, I guess, any intellectual interpretation. It is amplified by moving it, by a stick or with a strong pressing down on the bow. One plays in the lower part, or the foot, by pressing down strong on the bow."

Luboš Dalmador Fidler, 1992

(Fidler performed in the Plasy monastery together with the musician, poet and guitarist Oldřich Janota)

Luboš Dalmador Fidler (born 1951 in Karlovy Vary) is a musician, visual artist and builder of sound objects. He lives in Albeř, South Bohemia. He has been an active member of the Czech alternative music scene since the early 70s, a founding member of groups such as Stehlík, Švehlík, MCH Band, Kilhets etc. In the early 1980s, he was a member of the minimalist-experimental trio Janota-Fidler-Richter. In 1986, he emigrated to Germany where he lived until 1996. In the 90s, he partook in Petr Nikl's projects (Orbis Pictus, Labyrinth, Play) with his interactive sound installations. For several years, he exhibited at the Center for Metamedia in Plasy. He has composed and performed music for theatre and film. Recently, Fidler continues performing with Zdeněk Konopásek or Štěpán Pečírka in the group Noční pták.

"Since 1986, I have been living in the countryside with my wife and cat, for 20 years in Bavaria, later in South Bohemia. I am growing as many vegetables as possible in my garden (supporting myself with visual art and music) and I swim in local peat lakes, occasionally develop a new sound object, or a new instrument. My recent musical projects include Noční pták, and its acoustic branch LAMA or Vody-Fugy-Vzruchy.

Luboš Fidler