Main bazaar

Limbo I, 1998 festival
Plasy Monastery 1998

Ladislav Brom (sitar), Emil Heyrovský (tabla), Miloš Vacík (percussion), Aleš Kudela (soprano saxophon)

Láďa Brom is a Czech musician, he started out as a rock guitarist and in the early 1990s he discovered sitar. He studied under Indian sitarists Shri Uma Shankar Mishra and Dastgir Khan. In 1997, together with Emil Heyrovský (tabla), Miloš Vacík (percussion) and Aleš Kudela (sopranosaxophon) founded the fusion group Main Bazaar. The band played for example with Vlasta Marek, Vlastislav Matoušek, Slavek Forman, Ian Wood, Petr Zajac, Stepan Markovic, Erich Cory, Elena Podulkova, Edward Powell and others. Brom has appeared on several CDs and participated in a number of festivals. In 2003 he recorded a compact disc called Indian Classics with Tomáš Reindl. Later, he focuses on the North Indian style of classical rags in a duo with tabla player Fabric Michel.