Martin Janíček: Lithophone

installation and concert
Plasy Monastery 1992

"I like to work in the specific environments of deserted empty buildings. Their atmosphere always strongly influences me. I try to react to these impulses and not to disturb the original constellation of forces through my work. In my installations, I often work with basic symbolism. Lately, I have been interested in pieces on the border of visual and sound / music expression. Sound gives objects another dimension. Sometimes playful, sometimes transposing it to other levels of perception. Thus, the audience can relate much more directly." 

Martin Janíček, 1992

Martin Janíček is a sound-artist, sculptor, musician and sound designer who works in the field of exploration of acoustic qualities of various materials - he is a builder of new musical instrument. Most of his works feature an interactive quality and have a concentrated, simple form. He is conceptually bound to the site-specific nature of his work.

Born in 1961 in Prague, he was originally trained at a bronze foundry, then studied the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1990-97), later worked as the assistant of professor Miloš Šejn at the Conceptual Department. Since 1998, he has taken part in many collaborations. Since 2000, he has been a core member of the mamapapa NGO, numerous site-specific projects in both the CR and abroad. He focuses on unused spaces and social issues - minorities, homeless, language.