Limbo II – Festival

First Paneuropean Santorium
19-22 June, 1999
Plasy Monastery

Music – performances – installations = the right medicine for healthy people!


Society of Friends of Art-Plasy, Hermit Foundation, Mamapapa, Skleněná louka, the Town of Plasy presented the second annual international Festival Limbo at the Center for Metamedia-Plasy. This year the festival took on a eco-psycho-holistic-therapeutic approach. A healthy environment, healthy diet, and the curative properties of art have a rejuvenating effect upon a civilization always on the go.

Festival Limbo II – the First European Sanatorium – encouraged the progress of the worldwide exchange of healers and health. All those believing in vigorous bodies and spirits and dignified living conditions for Europeans and others were invited to attend. As with the first Festival LIMBO and other Hermit festivals of the past around the summer solstice, festival goers could expect to meet diverse program of informal and, at times, improvisational concerts, performances, happenings provided by a number of artists, ensembles, and eccentrics, both local and from afar.

The rooms, halls, and courtyards of the Plasy Monastery were transformed into medical and architectural amphitheaters, where festival guests freely wandered, listening to live music in a variety of genres, to witness performances, took tests of physical health & stanima, savored ecological and tasty fare, and enriched themselves with the unforgettable experience offered to all visitors of the European sanatorium.

Limbo II 19-22 June


Silver, Zdeněk Závodný, Nicolas Collins, Lexa Walsh, Marc Chenel, Franco Angeloni, Heinz Weber,
Zuzana Füsterová, Ademir Arapović + Darko Fritz
Nicolas Collins, Marc Chenel, Franco Angeloni,

Concerts: Krestovský/Durman, Metamorphosis, Dalibor - Tamburašský soubor, George Cremaschi, Marek Choloniewski / Marek Ostafil, Boris Gagloev orchestra/Leyna Marika Papach, Agon Orchestra, Sledě živé sledě, Geert Wageman / Luisa Římanová, Robert Zolltisch, Agon Orchestra, Franziska Baumann, Charlotte Hug,

Performance: b.gene, Anna Daučíková, Rosa Suñer Fabrellas, Alastair MacLennan, Petr Lysáček, Wladyslaw Kazmierczak/Ewa Rybna, Richard Fajnor,
Subtheater - Duro Tomato/ and comp.,