Bílé divadlo: Skier, You Who Ski!

Yard of the Prelature
Limbo I, 1998




Bílé divadlo


Hermit FoundationLimbo I


Plasy Monastery

Bílé divadlo (White Theatre) Ostrava is free artistic association than has been working with stage and paratheatrical experiments. The most important is performance Skier, You Who Ski! This performance has been performed in Paris, Stockholm, Kyjev, Korbach, Torino, among other places. The performance is suitable for theatre halls, special spaces, as well as parks, streets and outside spaces.

When we will play in inside spaces we need lights-white lights and sound for musicians. The performance Skier, You Who Ski! is based on images by Czech artist Martin Velišek. It is an effective grotesque summation of the absurdity of a human life.

A shock at the beginning followed by the relief of laughter at the awkward movements of the performers, alongside catharic schivers and a feeling of the vigor in Breughelian vein. Not an aimless exhibition, neither snobbish nor kitschy – everything is carefully charged with a strong meaning. 

Performers: Jan Číhal, Rosťa Holman, Luděk Jičínský, Petr Jičínský, Jakub Číhal, Zbyněk Popelka, Valter Kotterba (Petr Ševčík, Luděk Pindel, Petr Lysáček).

Music: Pavel Helebrand.

The White Theatre Ostrava is a free artistic association that works on stage and paratheatrical experiments.  Each of the actors has a full-time job and the mise-en-scene is produced in their free time. The chorus first performed Dam of Eternity based on the prose of Bohumil Hrabal in 1982. From the begining, Bílé divadlo styled itself as a plein air theatre performing a number of difficult stage projects such as Tristan a Isolda, Faust, Mácha’s May, among others.