Picnic with Tonic Train
26 July, 2018, 5 PM
Concert, City Gallery of Pardubice
Tonic Train
Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann
Artist Residency
Julien Maire
Artist Residency
Inverse Mindset
Works by Julien Maire and Robert Vlasák
19 July – 2 August, 2018
Galerie AMU (GAMU)
Marionette, 2017 – Antti Laitinen
How Forests Think
Martyna Poznańska and Peter Cusack
Audiovisual Report from Białowieża Forest
Vysočina Regional Gallery, Jihlava
Opening: 7 June 2018, 5 PM
Martyna Poznańska
Artist residency
Lea Vene
Curatorial Residency
Future of the Past
Macedonia’s Contemporary Political Art
Lecture by Elena Veljanovska
6 March 2018, 7PM at Tranzitdisplay
Elena Veljanovska - Public-Private taking space, making space - Skopje
Elena Veljanovska
Curatorial Residency
Veronika Romhány
Veronika Romhány
Artist Residency
Peter sinclair - Locus sonus presentation
Peter Sinclair
Artist Residency
Christine Abdelnour
Viral Ecologies
Kuai Shen
Artist Residency
Camouflage and Photographic Surveillance
Hide-and-Seek in Science, Art, and War
June 29, 2017, 7pm, Tranzitdisplay
Muzeum Alternatywnych Historii Społecznych
Jakub Gawkowski
Artalk.cz Guest Art Critic
Sarah Washington. Photo: Haco
Sarah Washington
Katalin Vera Benedek
Katalin Vera Benedek
Artalk.cz Guest Art Historian
Hanna Rose Shell - Shoddy Aliens
Hanna Rose Shell
Artist Residency
Christof Kurzmann. Photo: Sabina Đogić
Christof Kurzmann
Adina Mutean
Ada Muntean
Artalk.cz Guest Curator in Prague
Phil Minton (photo: Iztok Zupan)
Phil Minton
Artist profile
Early Minimalism
Vibrating and Drone Music
Through the Other Lens
The Post‐Photographic and the Neo‐Archeological
The Květoň Brothers
Yury Bulka: Photo by Myroslav Trofymuk
Staying Incognito and Making Noise
Yury Bulka