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Center for Metamedia
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Plasy Monastery

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Fine Art Academy Workshops ­
A series of working "retreats" for art students were held at the CMM upon the initiative of professors from several Czech art schools. Additionally, the CMM organized an International Art Academies Workshop in April. The meeting of art academy students and instructors provided opportunities for informal exchange, presentation of work, visits to Czech art academies. Participating academies hailed from Denmark, France, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic 

photography exhibition curated by Daniel Šperl
Everyday Celebrations
16 May-13 June 
A selection of works by four contemporary Czech photographers: Daniel Šperl, Jindřich Štreit, Alena Dvořáková, Viktor Fišer. The exhibition was held in cloister's rondel. 

Rites de Passage seminary­
17-24 May 
Participants:  Martien Groenveld / Det Smeet - Dutch maker of music and instruments and ceramist 
Richard Jung - Czech sociologist & philosopher, David Horan & Petr Lysáček  performance 
Michal Murin & Peter Kalmus - Slovak performance duo,  mamapapa (Andrea Jantošková, Kristýna Lhotáková, Tomáš Žižka) Subtheater (Barbara de Groot, Duro Grdinič, Gerindo Kartadinada, Klaas Kuitenbouwer) Holland-based performance group.
Organized in collaboration with mamapapa.

Series of Early Baroque Music ­

Curated by Matouš Mědílek and dedicated to Mauritius Vogt (1669-1730), the musician, composer, and polymath who lived and worked as a member of the Cistercian Order in the Plasy Monastery. Performances were held monthly on Saturdays, Realized in collaboration with the Historical Monument Institute in Plzen.  

Festival of Unconventional Art 

20-22 June 
Limbo was organized by the Center for Metamedia in collaboration with mamapapa, Terminal Bar, Skleněná louka and under the patronage of the town of Plasy and in cooperation with the Historical Monument Institute of Plzen and the management of the Plasy Monastery. Funding for the event was provided by Pro Helvetia Ost-West, APEXchanges and the Austrian Cultural Institute. Helpful cooperation was provided by Dominik Centrum, Nadace film a sociologie, Společnost pro novou hudbou. Media partner: Český rozhlas Plzen

Agon Orchestra - Czech contemporary music ensemble
Alom cimbálová muzika - Czech-Romany interpreters of traditional gypsy music
Franziska Baumann - Swiss vocalist & flutist and composer of contemporary electronic music
Bilé divadlo - performance group
Buchty a loutky - puppet theatre ensemble
Českomoravská hudební společnost - traditional Moravian music
Doprovodná skupina - Czech-Slovak performance group
Pavel Fajt - Czech contemporary percussionist
Luboš Fiedler a spol. - Experimental music ensemble
Gulko / Linet Andrea - France-based U.S. and English acrobats
Kaljan Jazz - Experimental music group
Kopir rozsyval bestar - Contemporary music ensemble
Agnes Kutas - Czech-based Hungarian vocalist and violinist
Bill Le Page - American pianist and composer
Kristýna Lhotáková - Dancer and choreographer
Black bazaar - interpreters of traditional Indian music
Metamorphosis - contemporary Austrian string quartet
Natura - osobní divadlo - music and improvisational theater group
Tomáš Ondrůšek - contemporary percussionist
Radůza - vocalist
Spolek tamburašů - 18-person tamburizza ensemble from Pilzen
Subtheater - Holland-based international performance ensemble
Tana Svacha - Prague based interpreter of traditional Russian songs
Song Vojtová / Jan Gajdošík - Czech-based Chinese-trained opera vocalist and Czech pianist
Andreas Wagner - German contemporary saxophonist
Wooden Toys - Experimental music ensemble
Dagmar Zuzanáková - miniature circus theater 

Artist Residency Program
Painters, musicians, experimental performers, video artists, dancers, installation artists and many others from a number of nations and affiliations stayed and worked at the Center for Metamedia on a variety of projects. The Residency Program and participating artists received support from Pro Helvetia, Open Society Fund-Prague and Belgrade, Gulliver’s Connect Program of the Felix Meritis Foundation, Canadian Council, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, European Union Kaleidoscope Program and the Dutch Ministry of Culture.
David Miller - Canadian visual artist - projects: photography and preparation of cast iron works for exhibition in At Home Gallery in Šamorin, Slovakia 
Agnes Treija - Latvian art historian and curator - projects: research on contemporary Czech art and assistance with the organization of Festival LIMBO
Jana Budíková - Czech visual artist - project: installation of large-scale drawing in the granary attic 
Anton Čierný - Slovak visual artist - project: "Correct Breath" installation in the granary 
Miroslav Fekar - Czech visual artist - project: three-floor multi-form wood sculpture in the granary 
Allison Hunter - American visual artist - watercolors and photographic and video works 
Led Art (Nikola Dzafo, Dragan Zivancevic, Vesna Grgincevic, Miroslav Peric) - Serbian performance and visual art group - project: "Reconstruction of a Crime" performance-installation in the granary 
Christian Liebmann - Swiss performance and visual artist - painting and collaborative performance of a new  play 
Carolanne Patterson / Barbara Benish - American and Czech-based American visual artists installation "Toy Boats in the Garden"
OPEN DAY - "Ledni Slavnosti" August 2nd included works by the July resident artists plus performances
Richter Band - (Czech Republic) 
Ici Meme - multimedia perfomance (France) 
Jo Truman - vocal and didgeridoo (Australia) 
Ross Bolleter - Australian musician & performer - concert in the altan of tangoes, klezmer and other gems for the accordian 
Michael Delia - American visual artist & musican - projects: collaboration with RE.AL and recording with various Czech musicians for release as a CD 
Allison Hunter as above 
Božidar Kemperle - Slovenian visual artist - project: installation in the granary 
Aleš Killian - Czech visual & sound artist - project: sound installation in the granary 
Christian Alexander Klempert - German visual artist - an exchange with Schloss Plueschow 
Michal Murin - Slovak performer - project: presentation of video works 
- Real, Fiadeiro João (Joao Fiadeiro / Joao Simoes /Helga Guszner) (Portugal) - residence, dance performance and sound installation.
Kim Zieschang - German visual and performance artist - project: video and installation in the granary 
Michael Delia - as above 
William Gilbert - American visual artist - site-specific installation 
Irena & Vojtech Havel - Czech musicians - recording in colllaboration with M. Delia 
Etsuo Iimura - Japanese visual artist - installation in the altan 
Jaroslav Kořán - Czech musician - recording in collaboration with M. Delia 
Michael Krondl - Canadian visual artist - installation in the prelature courtyard and granary 
Tomáš Ondrůšek - Czech musician - recording in collaboration with M. Delia 
Antonette Rosato - American visual artist - site-specific installation 
Jonty Semper - British visual and performance artist - site-specific project 
Dan Senn - American interdisciplinary artist - preparation for performance

OPEN DAY - ŽATVA - Harvestfest"
September 25th included works & performances by the September resident artists, plus these special guests

Michael Delia, Tomáš OndrůšekJaroslav KořánMartien Groenveld 
improvisation on ethnic, experimental, found, and artist-made instruments 
Eurasian Art Ensemble - Sergei Starostin (Rus) - vocal & flute; Robert Zollitsch (D) - zither & vocal; Wu Wei (China) - sheng & erhu; Tomáš Ondrůšek (Cz) - percussion 
Sabot (Chris Rankin - bass guitar & Hilary Binder - drums) 
Martin Zet, video
Kim Zieschang - "USUS" performance. 

William Gilbert - mixed media installation
Bri Hurley - American visual and performing artist - project: site-specific choreography in collaboration with Ivana Teršová (dancer) 
Adéla Matasová - School of Applied Arts led a workshop for her students 
Antonette Rosato - mixed media installation in collaboration with Bill Gilbert

Joel Bachar - video artist and organizer of "Independent Exposure", a monthly showcase for video & film in Seattle, WA - research on contemporary activity in film & video in the Czech Republic and presentation of the "Independent Exposure" program at various Czech venues

Hans Von Koolwijk - Dutch constructor of experimental musical instruments - project: recording session Bambuso Sonoro in St. Bernard Chapel.

Related projects:
24 July-24 August
At Home Gallery, Šamorín,
Installations for the Šamorín Synagogue which has served as the At Home Gallery since 1997 and recently was recognized as a cultural monument.
Financial support for the exhibition was provided by the Czech Center and Pro Helvetia-Slovakia.
Charlie Citron (USA-NL) - photography installation
Peter Kalmus (SK) - performance
David Miller (Canada) - installations of cast-iron objects: Minyan
Michal Murín (SK) - performance
Miloš Vojtěchovský (CZ) - sound installation
Martin Zet (CZ) - kinetic installation