Buchty and Loutky

Puppet performance
Limbo I
Plasy Monastery 1998




Buchty a loutky


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Plasy Monastery

Buchty a loutky (Puppets and Cake) is an alternative puppet theatre troupe which produces and performs plays for both children and adults. Buchty a loutky was founded in a students' hall of residence in Cheb, Western Bohemia, in 1991 by fresh graduates of DAMU's puppetry department. Since then the troupe has written and performed 55 productions, including several animated films for both children and adults, and many one-off projects in the areas of alternative theatre, music and film, often combining all these genres. At present Buchty a loutky regularly perform at the Švandovo Theatre Studio in the Smichov district of Prague, where they also have a small base. For much of the time the troupe is on tour and gives around 250 performance a year all around the Czech Republic and also abroad. With their innovative approach to their productions, Buchty a loutky create a unique theatrical poetry. The group interpret classical plays and infuse their own productions with a certain detachment and unique humour. They place an emphasis on creative aspects with live soundtracks / combining old and new marionettes / bric-a-brac props / toys and modern technology.