Avraham Eilat

Miracles in Plasy

The work was installed in two joined underground rooms in the granary. The dark space was lit through chimney-like windows. Upon entering the first room the visitor was blinded by darkness except for the _source of light which glows from a small opening in the rear wall of the second, inner room. Within this opening was a small photograph, depicting sealed glass jar. In the inner room the visitor sees what appears as two objects; a book floating in the air. Hanging over the book is a bulb made of wire. There was always light on the book, but obviously the light cannot come from the bulb. On the right, a record player turned continuously. Strange sounds were heard, but there was no record on the device. On the ground was a stone in which the Hebrew letter Alef has been carved._

The stone was situated under one of the chimney windows. In the morning for a short period of _time a narrow beam of light illuminated the stone, causing the letter Alef to shine in a mysterious way.”_

Avraham Eilat, 1995

Avraham Eilat (b. Tel-Aviv, 1939) is an Israeli visual artist. He lectured at the Haifa College of Design and at the faculty of architecture, Technion, Haifa. He is a founder of the First Israeli Photography Biennale. Directed the Open Museum of Photography in Tel Hai, and was the curator of photography at the Haifa Museum of Art. Lives and works in Ein Hod (Israel) and in Düsseldorf (Germany).