Hermit Foundation and Center for Metamedia Plasy
Documentation from the CMP Archives
1992 – 1999
Rádio Jelení
komunitni komunikační projekt
Mobile Radio presents Radio Art Zone
On air from 18th June – 25th September 2022
Zvuky kódy obrazy / Sounds Codes Images-zvuky-kody-obrazy.png
Zvuky kódy obrazy / Sounds Codes Images
Monograph exploring the transitional zone between image and sound
Ziegler theme-ziegler-theme-ol40225.jpg
An Atlas of Obscure Particulars
The Papers of Antonín Ziegler, Maker of Pipes from Krásná Hora by Havlíčkův Brod
A meditation on a lost world of paper communication
Center for Metamedia Project
1995 / 1996 - 1998
Pro Helvetia Ost West
Frank van de Ven
Bohemiae Rosa workshop
Plasy Monastery 1997
Miloš Šejn
Bohemiae Rosa
Klášter Plasy 1997
Frank van de Ven – Miloš Šejn – all participants: Baroque water mirror
underground water basin
Bohemiae Rosa
Plasy Monastery, 1997
Etrona van der Heijden: Personal project
Bohemia Rosa 1997
Monastery Plasy
Petr Uličný: Personal project
Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery
Ivana Teršová: Personal project
Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery
Rolf Meesters aka VLKM
Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery
Dancing Plasy Times 8, Frank van de Ven, Rolf Meesters, Miloš Šejn
a movie
Bohemiae Rosa
Plasy Monastery 1997
Martin Janíček: Personal project
Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery
Miloš Šejn – Frank van den Ven: Big Isolation Programme
Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery
Martin Buchner
Guest lecturer
Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery
Miloš Šejn and Frank van den Ven: Bohemiae Rosa
Site / Body Exploration II
Interdisciplinary Open-air Workshop
3–17 September, 1997
Střela River valley / Plasy Monastery
Šárka Havlíčková and Monika Karasová: Faust - media theatre
Near the Beginning, 1997
Allison Hunter: Watercolors, Photographic and Video Works
Ice Celebration, 1998
Plasy Monastery
Miloslav Fekar: Crystal
Ice Celebration
Plasy Monastery
Anton Čierny: Correct Breath
site specific installation, coloured paper, steel wire, mirrors, 35 x 8 m
Ice Celabration, 1998
Plasy Monastery
Jana Budíková: Drawings
installation, large scale drawings
Ice Celebration, 1998
Center for Metamedia
Monastery Plasy
Petr Lysáček: Perfomance
Limbo II, 1999
Plasy Monastery