Daniela Zehnder

Light and movement
light installation, performance
Rondel of convent
Plasy Monastery 1995

Entarctic Shelf Festival: 23 June – 3 July, 1995


Projection and concept: Daniela Zehnder Performers: Daniela Zehnder, Alexa Daniele Fiorni, Calvin Jackson. Live sound / Tape: Andres Bosshard

Daniela Zehnder (b. 1976, Zürich) is a professional scenographer, stage and lighting designer. She studied scenography, history of art, physical therapy. She creates and implements visual concepts for installations and performances with lights, space and movements. She works in direct collaboration with artists of other media and performers for interactive media. Music and Dance are mostly the live performed medias in her performances and installations. The hallmark of her work is combining light with abstract projections to design esoteric visions. In collaboration with choreographers, musicians and artists of other media she developed, and continues to develop, performance pieces that she describes as dance-space-installations