Christer Irgens Møller and Jindřich Biskup

Concert for prepared piano and percussion
convent, Chapel of St. Bernard
Plasy Monastery 1995

Entarctic Shelf Festival: 27. June – 3. July 1995


Christer Irgens-Møller is Danish musician and composer, living and working in Copenhagen. He has performed with Peter Friis Nielsen & Claus Bøje (Clinch), P.O. Jørgens & Martin Klapper (Ghost-in-the-Machine), Pierre Dørge, John Tchicai, Mihail Dresch (H), Paul Rutherford (GB), Radu Malfatti (A), Alan Tomlinson (GB), Claus van Bebber (D) and Evan Parker (GB). He has toured Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden and Slovenia and played and researched African and Afghanistan music. Also, he has written partiture music for a number of ensembles. Besides keyboard playing, vocal improvisations and conducting improvisation ensembles add to his doings.

Jindřich Biskup is a Czech musician, born in Prague, involved in improvised music. He played between 1984 and 1986 with MCH Band. In 1987 escaped Czechoslovakia to Denmark on a Russian ship to meet Martin Klapper in Kopenhagen, where they founded a trio (Summer Assault with American Jeffrey Morgan). Since the 90s, he has performed and published various people, including Jonanes Bergmark and Martin Klapper. Biskup lives in Prague.