Pavel Fajt

Percussion performance with Michael Delia
Convent, Saint Bernard Chapel
Plasy Monastery 1995

Entarctic Shelf Festival: 23 June – 3 July, 1995


Pavel Fajt (born in Brno 1957) moves between world music, art-rock, folk-rock and experimental music, among his most successful is the collaboration in 80ies and early 90ies with Iva Bittová. In 1990 he appeared with Iva Bittová in the famous documentary tribute to Fred Frith, Step Across the Border by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel.

In 1992 Fajt performed in Plasy during the first Hermit festival with Fred Frith. In 1992 he also met and started to perform with the American percussionist Jim Meneses and started his solo performance for the altered drum set drumtrek. In 1994, he formed a trio together with Anna Homler and Geert Waegeman (Macaronic Sines and Corne de Vache) and performed with Rajesh Mehta. In 1995 collaborated with Michael Delia.

  • 1980-87 music for dance and theater - the collaboration with the “Husa na provázku” theater etc.
  • From 1983 professional musician (groups “Nucleus”, “Manana”, “Jeste jsme se nedohodli”)
  • 1983-90 a founding member of “Dunaj” - famous Czech rock band (former name “Collective”)
  • From 1985 duo with Iva Bittová (for more information visit
  • 1988 participation in the Mimi Festival, France, cooperation with guitarist Fred Frith
  • 1989 collaboration with the French guitarist Ferdinand Richard and Iva Bittová
  • 1990 project “Joseph Boys” with Vladimír Václavek and Marcus Therofal (The Blech)
  • 1991 tour with the band “The Vogel Europas” and project with Fred Frith (“Music Unlimited 91”)
  • From 1992 duo with American drummer Jim Meneses (“Songs for the Drums”)
  • 1994 touring with Anna Homler and Geert Waegeman (“Macaronic Sines”, “Corne de Vache”)
  • From 1993 performing as an improviser (solo for drums, voice, and electronics)
  • 1993 music for film and theater (Ctibor Turba in Prague, Christine de Smedt in Belgium)
  • From 1994 touring with Mikolás Chadima (project “Transparent People”)
  • From 1995 founder of the group “Pluto” (1997 Victoriaville Festival in Canada)
  • Summer 1997 music for theater - play “Mask” performed by “Theater of Comedy”
  • 1998 music for dance/theater play “Hamlet: Part II” directed by Jan Nebeský
  • From 1998 touring with Stepanida Borisova from Yakutsk National Theater (World Music)