The Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture

Statutes of the JSD

1) JSD is, in compliance with local laws


2) The Society has the full title of

“Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture”, hereinafter JSD.

The seat of JSD is in Prague, Czech Republic. The sphere of activity of JSD is not limited, neither on territorial nor planetary level.

The territory of the sphere of JSD activity may be altered only when approved by SSD JSD and the Praesidium of JSD based on a motion by the Young Saint, or the general society council.

3) The main task of JSD is to cultivate and to support Mister Miláček – the Young Saint, as well as spreading and cultivation of holiness in general, to raise the religious and cultural niveau of its members and of the general public. Its activities contribute towards the development of active and initiative participation of legitimate and auxiliary members in the administration of the Society and in the public cultural, educational and enlightenment of collaborators, confidants, officials, legitimate and auxiliary members of JSD. JSD influences other beings within its sphere of activity as well.

The activities of JSD are founded on the thought, ideas, wishes and needs of Mister Miláček – the Young Saint, being the main force forming the Society. Simony and other services provided on the premises of JSD are governed by corresponding rules of the Inner Order of JSD and in accordance with the mission of JSD.

Thus JSD is in charge of protecting the Young Saint from the outside world and protecting the outside world from the Young Holy, all manners of support of the Young Saint’s needs, spreading His holy art and holy thoughts and the support and spreading of holiness in general.

4) In order for JSD to be able to carry out its tasks in accordance with the economic demands of MFF-UK JSD, especially:

a/ It has entered into a free fixed limited partnership with the Prague-based general staff of the Schmelz-Schtaffel troops (further as ŠŠ) and passively participates in developing and filling their storages and transship points.

b/ It runs the PRO ECCLESIA CATOLICA reail chain (further as: PEC).

c/ Cooperates with the General Staff of the Spirit (further as: GŠD).

d/ It runs the retail, pawn and auxiliary production units of the superplanetary corporation, KOSMINA unLtd.

e/ It builds and maintains the first half of UPSYCH 316.

f/ It celebrates festivities and organizes events to cultivate holy life.

All actions of JSD are carried out in accordance with the Statute of JSD, the current rulings of the Inner Order of JSD (Ordinarium) and the guideline of SSD UK JSD.

5) JSD abides by the rules of holy economy. Through purposeful organization of activities, full use of all means and resources, and through thriftiness it aims at reaching the best effects while constantly increasing productivity and cutting costs. This is supported by conscious and holy efforts of collaborators, confidants, officials and of legitimate as well as auxiliary members of JSD.

6) JSD is not a member of the Prague Society Union and is thus not a subject to its statutes nor to its rulings.


7) The initiation of new members is governed by current guidelines and the Inner Order of JSD.

The membership in the Society takes the following forms:

I. public

a/ auxiliary – collaborators and confidants

b/ legitimate

c/ extraordinary

II. secret

8) Every human of full legal age can become a member of JSD. Minors and non-humans are accepted as members only exceptionally, provided they are students of the Society, or for extraordinary merits.

The membership in the Society is not trasferrable.

Auxiliary membership (as collaborator) is established automatically, either on personal request, or for merits as ruled by the UK JSD.

Auxiliary membership (as confidant) is established naturally, after having properly and freely declared the faith in JSD, according to the canonical creed of JSD.

Legitimate membership is established based on the applicant’s own written request, as approved by the Praesidium of JSD and processed by corresponding JSD branches.

Extraordinary membership is established at the discretion of Mister Miláček – the Young Saint, the Reason and Cause of JSD.

9) TO-UK JSD is in charge of maintaining the list of all the Society’s members.

10) Every JSD member is entitled to the following:

a/ To enjoy the benefits and advantages implied in the corresponding level of membership.

b/ To participate in celebrations and ceremonies of the JSD.

c/ To put forward motions to any corresponding JSD authority.

d/ To initiatively participate in JSD actions.

11) Every JSD member is obliged to the following:

a/ To always fully, willingly and implicitly obey and in accordance with corresponding JSD authorities carry out the orders and wishes of Mister Miláček – the Young Saint.

b/ To always bravely and to full extent proclaim the glory of Mister Miláček - the Young Saint and to readily preach to the masses about his remarkable thoughts, words and deeds, and to spread the word of JSD.

c/ To maintain discipline, i.e. mainly to abide by the Statutes of JSD, to act in accordance with the rulings of corresponding JSD authorities and to shop at Society-operated retail outlets in their neighbourhood.

d/ To reveal shortcomings in the actions of the Society and to pursue their correction, and to communicate these to the appropriate JSD authorities.

e/ To actively contribute to JSD activities, to help its authorities and to cooperate in order to improve and strenghten JSD’s activities.

f/ To rigorously protect and guard the Society’s property and to respect proper management of JSD premises.


12) JSD membership is usually without time limitation and is not void even after the member’s death.

13) JSD membership unlimited by time can only be cancelled if the member is excommunicated successfully.

14) Probation membership is limited to the duration of the probation period. After the probation period is over, the membership can either be cancelled at the applicant’s own request or made into permanent memberhip.

15) Once the JSD membership is void, all benefits, advantages and obligations connected to the membership are void as well.

16) For members with unknown address of residence, the resolution declaring the annulation of their membership is considered delivered when it is displayed for at least 42 days on the notice board of the corresponding area of OK JSD. This announcement replaces the delivery of the resolution.

17) The membership can be temporarily interrupted, for serious reasons and in accordance with the Inner Order of JSD. This means the interruption od all benefits and advantages of the Society membership, yet does not effect the obligations of the member.


18) JSD administers its affairs through JSD authorities, the list of which is provided in the Tab. 1 (attachment of this document).

The appointment and nomination of all JSD authorities’ members is governed by current guidelines of the Inner Order of JSD.

The members of all JSD authorities are obliged to carry out their duties until they are removed from office, as prescribed by the Inner Order of JSD.

19) All entitlements and obligations regarding actions and decision-taking of JSD authorities are stated in the Inner Order of JSD.


20) Mister Pavel Antonín Maxmilián (PAM) Jiří Miláček (JiMi), the Young Saint, the Greatest Artist and Greatest Love (NUNL) is the Cause and Reason of JSD. As such, He is the highest substitutable representative of JSD, but is not and cannot be a member of JSD.

21) The Young Saint is the Highest Appellate and Appealing Authority of JSD, further as NODO- JSD.

22) The Young Saint directly leads and oversees the Miláček Branch of the Central Bureau of JSD, further as MPUK-JSD.

23) The authority of the Young Saint is unlimited in the framework of JSD, the validity of his rulings is nevertheless subject to direct endorsement of the Praesidium of JSD.


24) The Praesidium of JSD is the highest administrative authority of JSD and as such, it directly communicates to the Young Saint, it approves and passes on His orders and wishes for implementation.

25) The Praesidium of JSD is the only superordinate authority od the Central Bureau of JSD, further as UK JSD.

26) The Praesidium of JSD consists of:

The JSD President

The Supreme Controller of JSD (NKK)

The Odd Deputy of JSD

The Highest Confidant of JSD


27) UK JSD is the highest executive authority of JSD. It runs the administrative tasks of JSD.

28) UK JSD directly governs:

Material and Monetary Fund of UK JSD, furher as MFF-UK JSD

all branches, commissions and committees of UK JSD

all Local Bureaus of JSD, furhter as OK JSD


29) The Administrative Oversight Section, further as SSD JSD, is an equipollent authority to UK JSD and is designed to oversee the of the executive authorities of JSD.

30) SSD JSD is directly subordinated only to NKK JSD.


31) The founder of OK JSD is UK JSD.

32) OK JSD aid official communication among JSD members or the general public and the JSD authorities, and vice versa.


33) The JSD members are entitled to create, own and accummulate private chattel and real estate, which is not owned by JSD and which is transferred to JSD only when donated.

34) JSD’s own chattel and real estate is based on profit from its economic activities, donations, bribes, expropriations and other means.

35) The maintenance of JSD property is the responsibility of MFF-UK JSD.

36) Assets that can be traded by a bank are managed directly by MFF-UK JSD, or by special sub-funds of MFF-UK JSD. Special sub-funds are created and cancelled as prescribed in MFF-UK JSD guidelines.

All other property of JSD is allocated to MFF-UK JSD for direct upkeep to other authorities and institutions of JSD, or directly to JSD members. The allocation is governed by current guidelines of the Inner Order of JSD and MFF-UK JSD guidelines.

37) MFF-UK JSD issues an annual management report on every last day of the social year, providing details on JSD economy and the allocation of JSD property.

38) MFF-UK JSD pays out due levy and libations to the Young Saint.


39) JSD is established by God’s will, and cannot be abolished by man.

40) JSD does not cease its status even without direct and living participation of Mister Miláček – the Young Saint, NUNL, in the Society’s actions.

41) JSD is obliged to continue its existence and actions even despite momentaneous whims of Mister Miláček – the Young Saint, NUNL.



JSDUnique Society for the Cultivation of Holiness
NODOHighest Appellate and Appealing Authority
MPUKMiláček Branch of the Central Bureau
UKCentral Bureau
SSDAdministrative Oversight Section
OKLocal Bureau
MFFMaterial and Monetary Fund
AVATotal Agenda Archive
TOPress Department
SPPPropaganda Section
VPUSecrecy Committee
OPEKDivision of External Collaboration
VSUUPSYCH Management Committee
OPOLegal Protection Committeee
CPCivil Law
OPMercantile Law
KPCannonical Law
OPNVFaith Education Committee
KPO ML.SV.Committee for Young Saint Celebrations
KPBSCommittee for Cellular Syncretism
KPAB --Committee for Keeping Delusions Up-to-date
KPPNCommittee for Terrestrial Religion
KPMNCommittee for Extra-terrestrial Denominations

These statutes were published by the Press Department of the Central Bureau of the Unique Society for the Cultivation of Holiness based on exemplary statutes as stated and approved on the founding night of JSD on the 12. January 2001.

This version of JSD Statutes complies to the Decree nr. Roz. 29/140-89C

Published in the v 1. JSD Multiplex on Mister Miláčka Transmutation Day, 16. June 05/