On the Universal Psychiatric Church

Statement by the JSD Chairman

The Universal Psychiatric Church is an uncommon establishment that indisputably represents the only existing true alternative to the current psychiatric care in our country, and this pioneering private institute is demonstrating a new approach to the subject of madness. Psychic anomalies are not viewed here as malfunctions to be cured, but on the contrary, are considered as faculties worthy cultivating. In contrast to the current “therapeutic” institutes, there are no “patients” who are “restored to health” through pharmaceutical means, just to fall back into the great grey average mass. In the Universal Psychiatric Church, anyone persecuted for his or her unusual psychic faculties can find asylum, which has always been the function of churches as such.

Not only that, but his or her exceptional capacity is not considered a problem, and is instead enthroned to reverence and given serious, special care. A “Mašíbl” (contraction of “Loonies, Insane, Fools” in Czech) who comes here is assigned a department furnished and equipped exactly to meet all his or her unusual needs, and provided not only working space but also sufficient possibilities and incentive to develop his or her exceptional faculties, which in the end are assets for the whole UPSYCH organization. The fortuitous combination of individual “Mašíbles” with their specific polarity and mutual capabilities within the structure of the UPSYCH allows maximum effectiveness in using the potential of these inhabitants to benefit the whole, and thus allows UPSYCH to be totally independent, self-sustaining, self-supplying and even self-redeeming. By virtue of its focus, UPSYCH is capable of uniting incompatible, thoroughly different, and even mutually rival and combating individuals into one composite, cooperating whole. The result is that this whole is greater than the sum of its potential individual personalities.

However, this establishment is perhaps a thorn in the side of all involved organs of public administration beginning with the Ministry of Culture, Health and Social Care, through National Heritage Protection to the county and local offices, Hygiene stations and even the North Czech power-supply. All of these above-mentioned authorities put pressure upon the UPSYCH administration and request its dissolution and the evacuation of the whole establishment, or at least, in accordance with their resources, block and make things difficult for its operation.

Communities which inhabit Universal Psychiatric Church 316a (UPSYCH 316a) include among others JSDThe Peerless Cooperative the Holy Nurture or the General Staff of the Spirit (GŠD).

These communities are governed by carefully canonized and well tried rules. Their Bureau and regular members fulfill all sorts of ceremonies, grow their own hagiography and practice pathophysical, experimental metaphysically structured events. Through diverse achievements are active in the contemporary art scene.