CESSE - Conference in Budapest

The Founding Conference of CENSE

  • Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies

Extinction Rebellion

  • On Environmental Collapse and the “Creative Rebellion”

Sokolowsko’s Sanatorium of Sound

  • Sound Art and Experimental Music Make for a Surprising Boom in the Forest

Results of the Agosto Foundation’s Perpedes Grant Program 2018

  • Press Release

Saša Spačal (Transversal) & Jiří Suchánek (Atomtón)

  • Sound Performances

The Most Beautiful Catastrophe

  • Art and Ecology in V4 and Beyond

Agosto Residency Program 2019

  • Supported Artists

Anamaria Pravicencu

  • Artist Residency

Sophisticated Spectacularity

  • Interview with Julien Maire

The Sky Trembles and the Earth is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers

  • A film by Ben Rivers

Saving a “Pearl of Functionalism”

  • Living Villa Society and the Kral Villa

Saša Spačal

  • Artist Residency

Tonic Train at Sanatorium Dźwięku festival

  • 17-19 August, 2018

Romani Culture in the Spotlight

  • An Interview with Gwendolyn Albert

Picnic with Tonic Train

  • 26 July, 2018, 5 PM

MUHÚ – Microfestival of Art, Mountains and Valleys

  • 30 July – 4 August, 2018

Call for Nominations 2018

  • Perpedes Grant Program
Marionette, 2017 – Antti Laitinen

How Forests Think

  • Martyna Poznańska and Peter Cusack
Exploring New Musical Horizons in Bali

Exploring New Musical Horizons in Bali

  • Martin Lauer

Martyna Poznańska and Vendula Guhová

  • Concert at Petrohradská kolektiv
Martin Lauer - Bali

Nyepi: The Ritual of Silence in Bali

  • Martin Lauer
Lea Vene - lecture

Industrial Heritage in the Sphere of Cultural Production

  • Case study: Croatia
Our daily bread cover

Our Daily Bread

  • A film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter
The Dalibor building in Zákolany

Romano ďives

  • Romani Day in Zákolany
Studio of Jitka Válová

Unveiling of a Memorial Plaque at the House of the Válová Sisters

  • Tentative Operation of Jitka Válová Studio
Jitka a Květa Válová

The Válová Sisters

  • From Obscurity to Rediscovery

Martyna Poznańska

  • Artist residency

Lea Vene

  • Curatorial Residency

Change is Possible

  • An Interview with Dalibor Knapp

Dawson City: Frozen Time

  • A film by Bill Morrison

Alive and Well

  • Kavárny Naživo Brings Art to the Cafés of Europe
Drawing by Alexey Klyuykov

Romafuturismo Library

  • Library Opening and Reading Marathon
Elena Veljanovska - Public-Private taking space, making space - Skopje

Elena Veljanovska

  • Curatorial Residency

Naturally DIY

  • Uutěrky
Veronika Romhany - final installation

Nedotýkejte se toho, prosím / Let’s entropy

  • Multichannel video installation by Veronika Romhány

Reality, Virtuality and Dark Energy

  • Interview with Veronika Romhány


Renovation Opens New Horizons for Pilsen Space

  • Moving Station / Johan Society

Results of the Inaugural Perpedes Grant Program 2017

  • Press Release

Wild Plants

  • A film by Nicolas Humbert
Thick skin - Veronika Romhany 1

Thick skin

  • Presentation by Veronika Romhány

Working together for a More Vibrant Liberec

  • KultiVAR Shared Work Space
Miloš Šejn: Obraz-tělo-zvuk

Miloš Šejn: Image-Body-Sound (debut) + David Helán: Časopysk

  • 27 November 2017, 18h

The Bioacoustics of Ants

  • Kuai Shen

For Libkovice

  • Martin Zet
Soulkostel, Vernéřovice

New Life for an Abandoned Church

  • Soulkostel

Bart Society Enlivens the Local Scene

  • Úterý

Post-improvisation at the 21st Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

  • 25 and 27 October, Kostel sv. Ducha in Jihlava
Veronika Romhány

Veronika Romhány

  • Artist Residency

(Post)Land Art and the Anthropocene

  • “Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art”

Mobile Soundscapes

  • Workshop: An introduction to live streaming with open microphones

Třešť activates its Cultural Scene

  • Potřeby and Dederova kola

Dead Plants and Living Objects

  • Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima
Zauhlovačka. Celkový pohled


  • The story of a water tower in Vratislavice nad Nisou
Peter sinclair - Locus sonus presentation

Peter Sinclair

  • Artist Residency
Otevření galerie DIRA


  • Vysoká 26, Kokořínsko

Futurist Week

  • 22 – 30 November 2017

The Peerless Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture

  • Universal Psychiatric Church and the Holy Scrap Units

An Interview with Christine Abdelnour

  • vs. Interpretation 2016
Zažít město jinak

Experience the City Anew

  • 16 September, 11 AM to 8 PM
Milan Guštar - Pro LeCain

New Music from a Respirium

  • Miroslav Tóth / Zdeněk Závodný / Milan Guštar

Chomutov, For the Better

  • Kuprospěchu group

Soundworms Ecology Gathering

  • 22 — 24 September 2017
Diana Winkler — Kabinet Chaos

Planet Chaos

  • Střítež by Polička in Eastern Bohemia
Lê Quan Ninh at vs.Interpretation 2016

An Interview with Lê Quan Ninh

  • vs. Interpretation 2016

Making Your City Your Own

  • Let’s Revive Strakonice
Viral Ecologies

Kuai Shen

  • Artist Residency
Praed (Raed Yassin and Paed Conca)

An Interview with Praed

  • vs. Interpretation 2016

Call for Artists and Researchers

  • Agosto Foundation Artist-In-Residence Program

Camouflage and Photographic Surveillance

  • Hide-and-Seek in Science, Art, and War
Hans van Koolwijk

An Interview with Hans van Koolwijk

  • vs. Interpretation 2016

The Skins of Things

  • A Screening of Films by Hanna Rose Shell
Duchcov, New Landscape

Soundworms Ecology Gathering

  • A Call for Participation
Muzeum Alternatywnych Historii Społecznych

Jakub Gawkowski

  • Guest Art Critic
The Stolen Gallery — Ukradená Galerie

A Gallery for the Taking

  • The Stolen Gallery
Sarah Washington - vs. Interpretation 2016

An Interview with Sarah Washington

  • vs. Interpretation 2016
Katalin Vera Benedek

Katalin Vera Benedek

  • Guest Art Historian
Hanna Rose Shell - Shoddy Aliens

Hanna Rose Shell

  • Artist Residency
Christof Kurzmann

An Interview with Christof Kurzmann

  • vs. Interpretation 2016
Kohoutův dům


  • An Open Community Space in Chotěboř
Liminal spaces

Liminal Spaces

  • Genot Centre and the Silent_Night concert series


  • Bram (Joost Verhey)
Adina Mutean

Ada Muntean

  • Guest Curator in Prague
Paul Williams -- Burning Bridges; taken from

Getting Lost on Purpose

  • Paul Williams on Tony Conrad and Burning Bridges
Phil Minton

An Interview with Phil Minton

  • vs. Interpretation 2016

Early Minimalism

  • Vibrating and Drone Music

Through the Other Lens

  • The Post‐Photographic and the Neo‐Archeological
Yury Bulka: Photo by Myroslav Trofymuk

Staying Incognito and Making Noise

  • Yury Bulka

Stop Tracking Me

  • How to regain your privacy and autonomy online

A Practice within a Vision

  • Sam83 and Aradecor

Yury Bulka at Wakushoppu

  • 7 February, 2017, 7:30 PM at Café V lese
Photo of Tony Conrad by Frederick Eberstadt

Tony Conrad

  • Completely in the Present