To all current applicants:

Dear applicants,

Thank you for your application to the Agosto Foundation Artist in Residence Program. We recognize the effort you have put into your proposals, and we found many that met our high standards. However, the number of spaces in the program is limited, and regret that only a few could be selected.

For the 2018 period, the following six artists have been invited to participate:

Veronika Romhány
Elena Veljanovska
Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann
Lea Vene
Martyna Poznańska
Saša Spačal

The next open call will be announced in July, 2018.

Agosto Foundation

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The Agosto Foundation seeks to establish strong platforms for the continuous and ongoing sharing of ideas. Through the Agosto Residency Program, the foundation seeks to create a context, not restricted to artists, for those active in the cultural realm to step outside of their usual frames of reference and to reach across disciplines. The aim is to facilitate, support and maintain a general platform for engaged, creative, adisciplinary (not oriented toward any one discipline) and exploratory projects. The residency program gives preference to the fields that involve social awareness initiatives, sound and media art, inclusivity, improvisation, social justice, and environmental consciousness.

Participation in the Agosto residency program is contingent upon an invitation from the Agosto Foundation. The program prefers stays of at least one month, typically in the range of one to two months in duration. We are working with a rotating board of curators (or specialists and other advisors) to assemble a list of nominees for this program.