Linda Vinck

Untitled (Rhythm)
Site-specific installation




Linda Vinck


Mimi Debruyn


Hermit FoundationFungus


Plasy Monastery

Curated by Mimi Debruyn


Linda Vinck created an inconspicuous installation in the corridor of the second floor of the convent. On the white wall she attached three tiny ornamental "drawings" made from the papiermache of wasp nests. The shape on the piece corresponded to (or repeated) the shape of Santini´s Baroque railings in the staircase. The mirroring effect, traceable in the magnificent architecture design of the Convent was applied as an artist´s comment towards the possible inspiration the architect may have received from organic elements in nature.

Jiří Zemánek

Linda Vinck is a Belgian visual artist (b. 1942, Antwerpen) lives in Mortsel, who has built up a coherent graphic oeuvre over the past thirty years. She experiments with sizes, from small to very large, and explores their technical possibilities. She is a master of relief printing, but she also surprises with her stunning dry-point works. After a spell on the Cape Verde Islands, she introduced in her serial work a new topical concept of the arts: synesthesia, or the connecting of different sensory spheres, in this case the relationship between her visual work and music.

Ernest Van Buynder

Linda Vinck graduated in pedagogy of visual arts in T.I. St. Maria in Antwerp, and taught at the Karel de Grote High School in Antwerp and the Academy of Fine Arts in Mortsel until 1998. Since then she has lived and worked in Mindelo, Cape Verdian Islands, where she develops, in cooperation with the local artists, various socio-cultural projects. Since 2004, she has worked as senior lecturer at Mindelo Escola International de Arte. She participates in international group exhibitions and Biennials, and had several solo exhibitions in Europe, Asia and Africa. She has been artist in residence at Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verdian Islands; Ponta d' Praia Gallery; Watarase Nature Museum, Japan; Spirit of Nature, Nature of Spirit, Tokyo; U-Forum Contemporary Art Museum: Exchange Exhibition Belgium-Japan; Global Print-2 Douro, Alijo; Portugal in 2014: Mayyi Zttan Ounfousinou, De Ververij BE, Bienial Int. de gravura –Douro,Portugal, HANGA! Japan-Belgium Print Art Today. StEM, St Niklaas, Belgium, 2013: Global Print Douro Museum, Alijo, Portugal, 2012: Artist in Residence Guanlan Print Base, China, PRINTS TOKYO, 2012, Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo, Japan, 2011: KCUA gallery: Belgium & Japan Modern Print Exchange Exhibition, Kyoto. JP. 2010: Hot Plate Project, Phoenix Galery, Brighton, UK.

RS 21.6.2017