vs. Interpretation

An Anthology on Improvisation, vol. 1
Edited by David Rotherberg
Book Includes USB Compilation


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vs. Interpretation: An Anthology of Improvisation, vol. 1 is a compendium of essays edited by David Rothenberg. It is the first publication by the Agosto Foundation.


Inspired by the 2014 vs. Interpretation festival, and designed by Pixl-e Studios Publishing, the book includes drawings by Morgan O’Hara and a USB compilation of improvised music by sound artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The book is published in two variations. An edition (limited to 100 copies includes a sound module and the USB compilation, while the remaining copies include only the USB compilation.

Inspiring to read, not only for scholars and artists but for anyone interested in improvisation, Anthology is a tool for living in and interpreting the world around us.


Ximena Alarcón
Charlie Bramley
Clio E. Bugel
Dawn of Midi
Michael Francis Duch and Bjørnar Habbestad
Jeffrey Goldberg
Peter Goodwin Heltzel
George Lewis
Lukas Ligeti
Lisa Cay Miller
Phill Niblock
Morgan O’Hara
Pauline Oliveros
Ivan Palacký
Dimitris Papageorgiou
Cynthia Plachá
Amandine Pras
Lucie Vítková
Rob Wallace

Performances on the USB Compilation

Michael Francis Duch and Bjørnar Habbestad
David Rothenberg
Lucie Vítková
Peter Graham and Morgan O’Hara
Ximena Alarcón
Iva Bittová
Dimitris Papageorgiou
Roger Kleier
Annie Gosfield
Prague Improvisation Orchestra
Jeffrey Goldberg
Jaromír Typlt and Michal Rataj
Lukas Ligeti

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Detailed Information

vs Interpretation: An Anthology on Improvisation, vol. 1
Publisher: Agosto Foundation
ISBN: 978-80-905021-2-3
Description: paperback, USB, 148 pages,14.8cm x 21.0cm, English
Dimensions: 14.8cm x 21.0cm
Year of Publication: 2015 (1st edition)
Country of Origin: Czech Republic