Cees Gunsing: The Altar for Earth

wood, glass, pigskins, sand
gallery of the garden

To stay alive we are used to taking lives, thereby balancing on the edge of life and death. We kill to survive, thus we are crossing the limit of life. For most of us, this is one of the sacred laws. It doesn´t matter how sublime our life is. It´s  possible because we have taken other lives. When you sweep the ground for a moment, you remove the relic of earth. Where is the attention for the earthdust? The place where you are standing?

Cees Gunsing, 1993

Cees Gunsing is a Dutch artist living and working in Hertogenbosch. Education: Koninklijke academie voor kunst en vormgeving in 's-Hertogenbosch (1969–1975) where he studied sculpture and graphic art, entering the art scene in 1989. He regularly exhibits in the Netherlands and Europe.

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