Floris Brasser: The Eye for Plasy/The Vault for Metternich

wood sculptures

"The most interesting place to make a sculpture for is the urban-public space. It rejuvenates and it confronts. I like to make a sculpture which creates dialogue (mentally and/or physically). It blends with the busy surroundings, but remains accessible: please do touch, do climb it. It lets people communicate and reflect on their senses. My favourite subject are stairs, which are a simple invitation to the people - they elevate and change perspectives."

Floris Brasser

Floris Brasser (born 1957, Utrecht) is a Dutch sculptor who lives and works in Vorden. Between 1977-85, he studied the Academy voor Beeldende Kunsten in Arnhem and Amsterdam. He works with wood, designs authorial furniture and stage design, and creates objects for public space across Europe and America. The results of his work are often monumental and abstract. Several times he was a guest and a resident at the Sculpture Studio Bubec in Prague.

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