Ben Hillwood Harris: Four Mirrors Points

mirrors, steel
courtyard of the convent

My first impression fo the quadraregular convent building was the strong symmetry between the opposing walls. It became clear that any gaze out of the building into the central courtyard was met by a mirror image, except a mirror image in which one was not able to see oneself, only the building looking directly back. By looking out onto the buiding, in perhaps an idle moment, one becomes aware that one is once again perceiving oneself within the context of the building, via a third mirror image.

Ben Hillwood Harris, Plasy 1993

Ben Hillwood Harris is a British visual artist, living and working in London. He studied visual art, also with Ron Haselden or Sharon Kivland in Sheffield. Later, he founded and now runs the Artwords Bookshop Shoreditch in London.

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