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Speculative Ecologies
The Fertile Ground Between Art and Ecology
Totems. John Grzinich
Listening As a Means to Reconnect With the Environment
John Grzinich
Inferior Geology
Martin Howse
Some White Men Would Rather Destroy Their World Than Share It
An Interview with Timothy Morton
The New Queer Animal
Queer Ecologies and Cinematic Representation
Jana Gridneva
Leaving Behind the Vicious Circle of Biospheric Destruction
Udo Noll
Digital Garden Lab
An exercise in Appropriate Accelerationism
Paul Chaney and Digital Garden Lab
Animal Cameras
Virtual Reality and Factory Farming
Bogna Konior
Ewa Jacobsson: Plasy Pickles
Site-specific Installation and Performance
15 August 1999
Plasy Monastery
Zuzana Füsterová: Sefirotic Tree
light installation
Subterra Subrosa symposium
Plasy Monastery, 1996
I Think Humanity is Going to Die
Newton Harrison and Force Majeure
Ingo Kratisch: Video documentation
Feedback symposium
1994, Plasy Monastery
Fred Frith / Pavel Fajt: concert
prepared quitar / percussion
summer refectory, convent
Plasy Monastery 1992
Gerhard Fröhlich
conference IRONET, 1994
The Choreography of Perception
Jez riley French
lecture – performance
Saint Benedict Chapel, Center for Architectural Heritage Plasy
collective installation (objet trouvé, wood), dimension variable
Keiko Sei
Igor Hlavinka: Black Drawings
Graphite on paper, 60 x 60cm
Granary, Near the Begining, 1997
Romani Culture in the Spotlight
An Interview with Gwendolyn Albert
Alexander Moust: Camera obscura
instalace bez použití technologie, 40 x 15 x 3 m
Sub Rosa I. symposium 1996
Klášter Plasy
Oko Production
-Philosophia Moysaica
Vladislav Zadrobílek
hermetic and publisher
Ludvík Hlaváček
Soros Center for Contemporary Art Prague
Foundation for Contemporary Art Prague
Musica ad Gaudium, Jaromír Tichý