Romani Culture in the Spotlight
An Interview with Gwendolyn Albert
MUHÚ – Microfestival of Art, Mountains and Valleys
30 July – 4 August, 2018
Turnovská Chata, Jizera Mountains
Jitka a Květa Válová
The Válová Sisters
From Obscurity to Rediscovery
A Report on the Soundworms Ecology Gathering
Ideas for Dealing With Natural Material as an Artist
Gertrude Moser-Wagner
Villém Flusser
Vilém Flusser
Vilém Flusser. Photo: Josef Snobl
Excavating the Future
An Archaeology and Future of Moving Pictures: A Case Study in (Un)Archiving Unstable Media
Kohoutův dům
An Open Community Space in Chotěboř
Paul Williams -- Burning Bridges; taken from
Getting Lost on Purpose
Paul Williams on Tony Conrad and Burning Bridges
Early Minimalism
Vibrating and Drone Music
Through the Other Lens
The Post‐Photographic and the Neo‐Archeological
The Květoň Brothers
Yury Bulka: Photo by Myroslav Trofymuk
Staying Incognito and Making Noise
Yury Bulka
A Practice within a Vision
Sam83 and Aradecor
Punctum Krásovka
A Point of Departure from the Usual
Micro-Space Profile
ArtMap Bookstore
The ArtMap Bookstore
Close-up of heap of shoddy in West Yorkshire’s Heavy Woollen District.
Devil’s Dust
On the Cultural Significance of Detritus
by Hanna Rose Shell
Mazen Kerbaj at the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant
An Interview with Mazen Kerbaj
vs. Interpretation 2016
Alternativa and Contempuls
Report from Two Festivals of New Music
by Ewelina Chiu
Arf Arf in performance in Prague
Arf Arf in Performance
Prague Premiere of New Project
19 November, 2015 at the Školská 28 Gallery
Aching Table
Ewa Jacobsson
Experience the City Anew
Zažít město jinak
17 September, 2016
2016 vs. Interpretation Festival
2016 vs. Interpretation Festival
Event Photographs
Sara Washington and Knut Aufermann
Mobile Radio
Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann
Jodi Rose: Singing Bridges
Singing Bridges
Nomadic Artist Jodi Rose Brings Project to Prague