Jan Svoboda: Space/Light/Time in Two Parts

Space / Light / Time – personal event
Space/Light/Time – sound installation
Plasy Monastery 1992
    1. – 8. 5. Space / Light / Time – personal event
    1. – 7. 6. Space / Light / Time – sound installation
      place of space – space of place
      place of light – light of place
      place of time – time of place
      place of place
      space of light – light of space
      space of time – time of space
      space of time – time of space
      space of space
      light of time – time of light
      light of light
      time of time"

      Jan Svoboda, 1992
      "I have carefully cleaned the pigeon dump [in the granary] and the old deposits of dirt in the huge room of the left wing of the first floor. Then I painted with white lime alcoves of all the windows, so the sunlight was reflecting the interior. The sun tinted the walls according to the movement of the sun - on one side through the reflecting of the leaves on the trees outside was greenish, from the other side via the roof reddish. I also repaired and painted with the bee's wax the remaining wooden shutters. I found two old beams, manually adjusted them, the left painted in green, the right one in red and replaced the damaged beams, which supported the destroyed ceiling beam. I placed the light and a speaker between the newly installed beams and the microphone and the amplifier installed near the clock machine in the tower, connecting it with the speaker by cable. So the magical sound of the clock tower, which is usually heard only inside the room where the clock machine is, was transported to another location. On the opening day, from 11am to 12am the sound of the clock machine was transmitted live through the local public radio across the entire town of Plasy."
      technical cooperation: Otta Bernard, Jana Peterková, Martin Velíšek Jan Svoboda, 2018

Jan Svoboda (born 1955) is a Czech visual artist, and teacher. He studied language and visual art at the Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University in Prague (1974–1978). From 1987 until 1995, he worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Art in the Pedagogical Faculty of the UK. Since 1995, he is working as the director of the Václav Pichl Primary Art School in Bechyně. In 1995, Svoboda founded the civic association Klášter at the Art School in Bechyně, which later became a founding member of the international organization E-SPACE. Since 1999, he has been designing and participating in exhibitions and programs for children for various exhibitions (Prague Quadrennial, Ten Centuries of Architecture, The Story of Prague Castle, etc.)