Marie Evelein: Star-Space

Plasy Monastery 1992

"What I notice in this convent are the forms of the stars. After a journey by foot to Santiago de Compostela, the journey of the stars, this symbol had grown deeper in me. At the start we place ourselves in space. It is like a birth in space where we don't know the beginning nor the end. In this project, I wanted to place the star as energy points in space.
I translate these points into triangles. The triangles are covered with reeds. By my cutting the reeds, making it together, I then put myself in this centre of energy. I work with eight energy points because eight is the holy number used to build temples. The eighth star is placed upstairs above the chapel."

Maria Evelein, 1992

Maria Evelein (1959, Zwolle, Netherlands) is a Dutch artist. She studied at the Technical School Zwole, specialty painting; the Academy of visual arts, Kampen; Art Academy den Bosch, painting, ceramics and paper.

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