Medime Sovan Kumar: I. I am Time; II. Toilet Opera

video projection, sound, objects
Fairy-Tales, 1999

I. I am Time
The Bhagadavat Gita is the book of poetic narrative to reveal the secrets of life and time, a gift from Lord Krishna to his disciples. It was the inspiration for my first installation for the „Fairy-Tales“ symposium, in which I gave my own interpretation of how time can be perceived, manipulated, and used wisely in our own lifetimes. I created an atmosphere of spirituality, with the door opening to the hand, blessing the world with the gift of time, yet the mood was lightened with a Westernized message for peace from Madonna´s song, „Shanti Shanti“. The sandals of paper show not only the presence of human beings, but also the need for humility and purification. All materials for the installation were found at the Monastery, to emphasize that this spiritual experience can exist within any setting.
II. Toilet Opera
Video installation, objects. Photographs
The porcelain toilet representing the throne of private thoughts and memories in the western world provided the structure for the second part of my installation. My performance in Indian traditional costume was an advertisement for a Czech fairy tale opera, incorporating sequential memories and events that have occurred in my recent travels from China to the Czech Republic. The photos exhibited reveal the characters involved in my personal opera, depicted in forms of love, ghosts, humour and dreams. The coal signifies melting memories seeping towards the staircase of darkness.

Born in 1969, artist Sovan Kumar did his B.F.A. (Sculpture) from B.K. College of Arts & Crafts, Bhubaneswar, Orissa in 1992 and M.F.A. (Plastic Arts) from BHU, Varanasi in 1995 before taking up advanced Studies (in Ceramics) from Central Academy of Art & Design, Beijing, China. He was awarded Gold Medal in National Youth Festival in 1992 and Alice Boner Memorial Award in the same year. 
His major shows include the ones at Garden Gallery, Mexican Embassy, New Delhi (2000); Bhiksu from Atelier India, Beijing (1997), and ‘My Horses', One Artist Exhibition, in 1991. He has also participated in several group shows including ‘Live wires’, Hong Kong (2008); ‘Millennium Turks’, Gurgaon (2008); Ceramics Show Regional Center, Bhubaneswar (2006); ‘The Making of India (Project)’ SAHMAT, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi (2004); New York (Thousand Bowls), 2002, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore (2000); Within and Beyond, Art Exhibition, Bhubaneswar (1999), and 6th China International Art Exposition, Beijing (1998), among other shows. 
Apart from paintings and drawings, Sovan Kumar’s diverse oeuvre also consists of photographs, sculptures (wood, ceramic) and installations (terracotta). His solo show entitled ‘Latcho Drom’ threw ample hints regarding his inclinations as an artist with acute social consciousness. 

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