Tomáš Ondrůšek

Limbo I, 1998

Tomáš Ondrůšek (b. Ústí nad Labem) is a musican and organizer. He lived in Germany 1968 – 1992 and currently lives between Uganda and Trstěnice in the Czech Republic. He studied percussion at the academies in Nurnberg and Stuttgart and performed as a soloist in the renowned Percussion Ensemble Stuttgart. He has appeared in concerts throughout Europe, and his awards include the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. He has also performed solo recitals in Prague, Moscow, Nurnberg, St. Petersburg, Brno and elsewhere.

His activities include many guest lecturer appearances, including performance courses in contemporary music at the R. Strauss Conservatory in Munich, JAMU Brno, the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Musik Hochschule Bonn, R. Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg and others. From 1995–96 he participated in festivals like Warsaw Autumn, Bienale St. Petersburg, Prague Spring, etc.

Ondrůšek was a member of the ensemble AGON. His workshop subjects include: notation, the analysis of works by famous composers (Xenakis, Lachenmann and others), the development and construction of sticks and mallets, and the organizing festivals and workshops in his house in Trstenice.