Jana Budíková: Drawings

installation, large scale drawings
Ice Celebration, 1998
Center for Metamedia
Monastery Plasy

Jana Budíková (born 1946, Prague), a painter, graphic artist and teacher, is a member of the artistic associations Umělecká beseda and Hollar. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and later the Theater Faculty of Stage Design in the studio of František Tröster. Later she worked as a teacher of the Secondary Graphic School in Prague.
Budíková belongs to a generation that after graduation in the seventies faced prohibitions. Her work appeared more at exhibitions organized in unofficial centers of art. She was the curator of the legendary exhibition Setkání/Meeting in 1982. The opening was closed by the police, who arrested and questioned the participating artists.
Most of her paintings, drawings and prints work with biomorphic shapes and structures, which corresponds to the names of painting cycles: Gardens, Harvests, Thickets, Fragrance, Step. Almost all of her works of art are based on a particular visual experience. Although the images look like an abstract color structure of spots, their basis is always real. It is based on never-ending events in nature.