Residencies 1999 and Related Programs

Plasy Monastery
Center for Metamedia Plasy


Artist Residency




Hermit Residencies 1999


Plasy Monastery

In collaboration with different Czech and international partners.


January – May

Tiago Pereira + Narcisa Costa (Portugal) - video & movement - preparation of a performance work "I Have An Olive Tree On My Belly", premiered at Divadlo Archa, Prague on 1 April 1999
(in collaboration with Archa Theater)


Nathalie Alonso Casale, Pavel Semchenko: Residency (shooting of 16mm film)

June – September

Marc Chenel (France) residency - 2 site-specfic installations
Rosa Suner Fabrellas (Spain) - residency, improvised movement  (recipient of UNESCO-Aschberg Busary)
Jozsef Bartha: (Romania) - residency, video installation
Mercedes Bergliaffa Perez (Argentina) - residency, photography & painting
UNESCO-Aschberg Busary) Barbara Besze (Hungary) - residency, research on Czech non-profit sector
Natalie Bookchin (USA) - residency, Internet games, new media presentations, workshops in new media
Christos Chrissopoulos (Greece) - residency, literature, UNESCO - UNESCO-Aschberg Busary
Marie "Mars" Drum  Australia) - video / interventions / organizational assistance for artists in residence
Christian Leibmann (Switzerland/Holland) - residency, performance and sculpture
Diane Neumaier (USA) - residency, preparation of an artists' book
Skrytá tvůrčí jednotka Hidden Creative Unity  Krištof Kintera, Krusha, David Máj, Irena Perclová, Anetta Riglová, Halka Trešňáková, guest: Adrian Fischer ) - Czech Republic / UK) - residency, rehearsal of a performance "Život Fanta žije" to tour the Czech Republic during the summer of 1999.
Kaeko Yamamuro (Japan) - residency, video, performance, (UNESCO-Aschberg Busary)

OPEN DAY - July 17th


Saadet Turkoz (Switzerland/Turkey) - voice performance
Rosa Suner Fabrellas (Spain) - performance
UNESCO-Aschberg Busary AKCHE (Pavel Semchenko & Maxim Isaaev, St. Petersburg)
SABOT(Chris Rankin (USA) - bass guitar & Hilary Binder (USA) - drums) concert
Izaskum Escandón (Spain) - video
Selek Levente (Romania) - digital imaging
Helen Quinn (USA) - mixed media installation


Colorum Naturae Varietas production (Miloš Šejn, Miloš Vojtěchovský) OPEN DAY - August 15th

Kaeko Yamamuro: (Japan) - resident artist, performance + installation
Ewa Jacobsson (Norway) - resident artist, Sound performance / installation Plasy Pickels
Anna Daučíková (Slovakia) - resident artist, performance "Flight To Let Z" - video plus performance
Adrian Fisher, Petr Krusha, Lauren Goode (UK/CR) resident artists, open air performance
Marion M. Bordier (Canada), photography project "Sequence 1- 2 - 3"
Marie Ange Bordas (Brasil) - resident artist, video presentation of 8mm films "Can Art Heal" and "Is Art Thinking?"
Roland Eckelt (Germany) - resident artist, exchange with Residence center Schloss Pluschow
Pomeranč (Cz) Jazz ensemble, concert


Fairy-Tales Symposium including:

Gail Pickering (UK)
residency, participation in Fairy-tales
Avdej Ter-Oganjan (Rusko) residency
Marcos Rosales (USA) UNESCO-Aschberg Busary, participation in Fairy-tales
Mare Tralla (Estonia), UNESCO-Aschberg Busary residency, participation in Fairy-tales
Mercedes Bergliaffa, (Argentina) UNESCO-Aschberg Busary, residency, participation in Fairy-tales Melissa Laing, (New Zeland, UNESCO-Aschberg Busary, residency, participation in Fairy-tales Stephanie Syjuco, (USA) residency, participation in Fairy-tales Medime Sovan Kumar, (India) UNESCO-Aschberg Busary, residency, participation in Fairy-tales Michael Crockford, (USA) residency, participation in Fairy-tales


FINIS / THE END of Existence CMMP