Future of the Past
Macedonia’s Contemporary Political Art
Lecture by Elena Veljanovska
6 March 2018, 7PM at Tranzitdisplay
Veronika Romhany - final installation
Nedotýkejte se toho, prosím / Let’s entropy
Multichannel video installation by Veronika Romhány
31 January 2018, 7 PM, Punctum
Performances by Marek Hlaváč
Martyna Poznańska
Artist residency
Lea Vene
Curatorial Residency
Elena Veljanovska - Public-Private taking space, making space - Skopje
Elena Veljanovska
Curatorial Residency
Reality, Virtuality and Dark Energy
Interview with Veronika Romhány
Veronika Romhány
Veronika Romhány
Artist Residency
Peter sinclair - Locus sonus presentation
Peter Sinclair
Artist Residency
Camouflage is always DIY
An interview with Hanna Rose Shell
Viral Ecologies
Kuai Shen
Artist Residency
Call for Artists and Researchers
Agosto Foundation Artist-In-Residence Program
Prague, Czechia
The Skins of Things
A Screening of Films by Hanna Rose Shell
13 June 2017, 8 PM at Cinema Ponrepo
Muzeum Alternatywnych Historii Społecznych
Jakub Gawkowski
Artalk.cz Guest Art Critic
Katalin Vera Benedek
Katalin Vera Benedek
Artalk.cz Guest Art Historian
Hanna Rose Shell - Shoddy Aliens
Hanna Rose Shell
Artist Residency
Adina Mutean
Ada Muntean
Artalk.cz Guest Curator in Prague
Hanna Rose Shell
Hanna Rose Shell
Stop Tracking Me
How to regain your privacy and autonomy online
Lecture and workshop by Yury Bulka
11 February, 2017, 2 PM
Autonomous Social Centre Klinika in Prague
Yury Bulka at Wakushoppu
7 February, 2017, 7:30 PM at Café V lese
Yury Bulka
Artist Residency
Shelley Hirsch: Explore Your 1000 Voices
Shelley Hirsch
Explore Your 1000 Voices
In the Absence by Patricia Bentancur
Patricia Bentancur
In the Absence
Sarah Washington Knut Aufermann
Jodi Rose