Karel Sidorjak aka Síďa (born 1975 in Rabštejn nad Střelou), grown up in Plasy. Musician, forrester, organic farmer, beekeeper. Síďa graduated from The School of Forestry in Žlutice (1993). Síďa was 1995 and 1999 part of the team CMP betweeen, as "the coordinator of the special tasks", beside this he managed and produced festivals, residencies and symposia. Since 2000 lives in California, Bay Area. Between 2002 and 2016 he had his music program for KALX Berkeley 90.7 fm radio and together with Veva Edelson founded the micro-regenerative Piano Farm in Bloomfield, Sonoma County 2016. He as well collaborates with the Gallery at WORK in Petaluma, California as a curator.