Vladimír Kokolia, Vladimír Václavek, Josef Ostřanský

Vladimír Kokolia: voice, cymbal
Vladimír Václavek: bass guitar, drums
Josef Ostřanský: guitar
I adore nothing
I believe it does not exist
As it is nothing knowing
As it is nothing mighty
I adore nothing
I believe it does not exist
As it is not the One
As it is nothing else
As nothing is created in its own image
As nothing is forgiven in its mercy

Music group E was the Brno formation of alternative and experimental rock with post-punk influences, operating in 1985-1997, based on minimalism, but also from avant-garde rock of the late 70's. The instrumentalists of the band were Josef Ostřanský and Vladimír Václavek, who originally considered the minimalist sound supplemented with pre-narrated tapes (mainly with drums and rhythmics). The frontman of the group was Vladimír Kokolia, who currently works as a professor of experimental graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
The two recorded albums represent only part of the file production.