Pavel Fajt: DrumTrek

solo percussion
convent, St. Benedict chapel

Pavel Fajt (born 1957 in Brno) is a musician, drummer, composer, music producer, educator. He has played concerts at various prestigious festivals and venues in Europe and overseas - Victoriaville Canada, Mimi Marseille (F), Alternativa Praha (CZ), Knitting Factory New York (USA), Music Unlimited Wels (A), Ring Belgrade (YU), Blue suburb (F), and others.

Current projects include: DrumTrek - solo project, drums, electronics, loops, projections; Vote
Mia Zabelka Trio; Species; Frish (A/CZ/D); Ave (Koubek, Ponocný, Hazel, Species); Inside Drum Communication - drum duo (Species, Neuwerth); Trio Fred Frith, Beth Custer, Pavel Fajt and other international projects. He has concert connections with the groups Neurobeat (Ondřej Anděra, Miles), or The Gathering of Drummers, an international project where he is leader and drummer.

Founder/member of the music groups: Bittová & Species; Vienna; Pluto; Josef Boys (D); Species & Meneses; Stepanida Borisov; (Barrow); Autopilote, Ladakh, Species & Meneses (CZ/USA); The Fogel Europas (CZ/A); Geert Wageman (B); Anna Homler (USA); Václav Koubek. He has played with renowned musicians, such as Fred Frith (GB), Tom Cora (USA), Anna Homler, or Rajesh Mehta.