Martin Zet
sound performance with gypsum
convent, 10 min.
Center for Architectural Heritage Plasy

dust from stone through heat
stone from dust through water
atoms molecules bonds
change warms
the shallowness of squelching
will ring out
will sound out

A short sound event/ concert – I’ll make the biggest gypsum ball I can manage with my hands, then I’ll pass or roll it from hand to hand in front of the microphone, until it stops squelching and starts sounding, and then again, until it stops sounding.

Martin Zet (b. 1959) is a visual and performance artist. He lives in Libušín near Kladno . In his work, Zet enlists the aid of replicas of specific visible features to reference their meaning. He makes use of the possibilities of the mutual interchange between the nearby and faraway, the known and unknown, the spoken and unspoken, and the concrete and abstract.