Martin Zet, Erika Zetová: Father Is Making Stone Boats. Daughter Is Picking Flowers.

the Střela River
Plasy Monastery 1997

Martin Zet's (born 1958) work is characterized by the intermingling of various disciplines. He is involved in sculpture, drawing, video, text, photography, performances, events in space and architecture. In organizing various events, collaboration and "centrifuging" are important to him. In 1998, he founded the Center for Contemporary Art in Libušín (which is a timeless strike since 2008). Martin Zet comes from a family of dancers and sculptors, and both these art forms influenced him - his thinking goes from immobile objects to reflections on space and the duration of gestures and things in time. He is interested in overlaps in art, society and architecture. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Jiří Bradáček and graduated with Jan Hany. He worked as a lecturer at FaVU in Brno and at FAMU in Prague.

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