An Seebach: About a Linedraper

Plasy Monastery 1994

"One part of my artistic work takes place in museum rooms where historical exhibitions are shown, or – simply put – in rooms with their own atmosphere and more history than simply the aesthetic one.

My main interest in those installations is to show aesthetic objects in the background of various interpretations concerned with other (non-artistic) content. The visitor has to connect to different but similar areas and has to build his own special oneness. This technique of exhibition leads to communicative structures, rather than to isolation of aesthetic works."

An Seebach

An Seebach (born 1965 in Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein) studied free art at the Kunstakademie in Münster between 1984-92. Apart from her own artistic work, she began to intensively devote herself to art education.
For many years she worked as a organizer at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund, an artists' association, where she met the needs of artists and devoted herself to the international exchange of artists and the fostering of conditions for their work.
She works at the University of Hildesheim at the Institut für Bildende Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft. In her work, she focuses on photography, site-specific installations, drawing and paper work.
She regularly exhibits in Germany and abroad. An Seebach now lives and works in Hildesheim and Berlin.