Anchelka Mazur & James Meneses

concert for percussion, glass organ, and voice

"We met at the symposium to develop and present our music for percussion, glass organ, and voice. The premiere performance took place at Metternich Hall. The atmosphere at the symposium and the unique rehearsal and performance space made available to us at Plasy encouraged our collaborative artistic process. The acoustic and beauty of the space created an appropriate setting for delicate overtones and resonance of the glass organ, as well as for the fire and thunder of voice and percussion. We appreciated the opportunity to spend time to develop and create our music in such an encouraging environment, and the successful pairing of contemporary art/visual art/exhibition with contemporary composers /musicians/ concerts of new music. We continued on from this point."
Anchelka Mazur & James Meneses

Anchelka Mazur is  an Austrian vocalist and glass organ player. 
Jim Meneses is an American percussionist.