Bram Cox & Mathias Klein: Pour un Monde Humain

sound performance
st. Benedict chapel, convent
Plasy Monastery 1992

Voor een meer humane wereld was a sound collage recorded, produced and performed in Plasy, 1992.

In 1987, as a result of thirty years of suffering from diabetes, the visual artist Bram Cox (1934-1998) lost her eyesight. By turning herself into a sound artist, she succeeded in changing her mode of work. Cox recorded the environmental sounds into compositions, which she subsequently integrated into performances. The sound analysis enabled her to re-relate to the world around her.

When she was invited to the Hermit Symposium in the Czech Republic, she planned to record the sounds from the monastery environment on the tapes and create an improvised concert at the site. At that time, the film documentary Bram (1993, 68 ', 16mm, screenplay, directed by Joost Verhey) was being shot. Bram arrived with her partner Mathias Klein, who was disabled and in a wheelchair. They agreed with the filmmaker Joost Verhey, who was shooting a documentary about them at the time, that they would travel to Plasy and, he continued filming there as well. 

The caretaker Jana Šikýřová arranged provisional accommodations for them in the prelature building that had just been abandoned by the Civil Defence division of the Ministry of Defence.