Marion van Osten/Peter Spillmann
Pantograph workshop - Eurovision2000
Center for Metamedia Plasy 1999 / NoD

One of the spin off project of Pantograph was the EuroVision2000 produced by Labork3000 (Marion von Osten and Peter Spillman) and Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Prague. EuroVision2000 session in Prague took place from september 7. to 14. 2000 in the recently opened venue Café9 in Roxy. The first part of the program focused on three topics around the changes since 1989, such as:
Urban transformations and cultural transitions, adaptation of EU standards and the invention of a new European identity by constructing new borders and exclusions, the actual representation of social and political realities in media. 

The second part of the program focused on The International World Fund summit in Prague, and globalisation, and provided an open platform for critical discussions, presentations and videos around anti-globalization activism and the events on September 26th, 2000.


                The New Europe?
7. September

With the end of the 90's and ten years after the turnover in Central and Eastern Europe, New Europe is not a concept but a political, social, and cultural reality with seemingly contradictory outcomes. The transformation of Europe since 1989 has been economically motivated, under the context of a neoliberalistic approach to globalization. European or national identities were historically formed by claiming cultural differences. The current reconfiguration of the European Union, the extension of EU towards East and Southeast causes new borders, new exclusions of people and territories. While the joining nations try to protect or increase there benefit, the countries around Europe, the East and South experience heavy consequences for economic and personal lives. What does not comply with the idea of an economically innovative, flexible and efficent Europe is increasingly being devalued and excluded. Inside fortress Europe the exclusive status creates "Migration problems" as well as racism. Is the EU normalization model really the end of other visions of a trans-national, cultural or social concept of Europe?

18-19.30: Video presentations: New Borders (Jenny Perlin), Bohemia Docta (presentation by Karel Vachek), Beyond the Fencing (Susanna Perin), Seal me with your eyes (Presentation by Abdelali Dahrouch), The Dark Side of the World Petra (Presentation by Procházková, Jaromír Štětina, Pavel Hanuš and others), Migrasophia (Zeigam Azizov / Yisia)

20-22: Video presentation: Beauty and the East (Presentation by Jayce Salloum)

Discussion about new borders, the concept of an EU-European or national identity and the contradictions between economical and cultural patterns of society.
Participants: Ivan Vesely (Dzeno Praha), Jayce Salloum (Vancouver), Jan Urban (Praha), Miloš Vojtěchovský (Praha), Alena Wagnerová (Saarbrücken), Karel Vachek (Praha), Tomáš Zmeškal (Praha), Hillary Binder (USA-Tábor), Chris Rankin (USA-Tábor), Pavel Hlavatý (Praha), Abdelali Dahrouch (France, Maroko) and others, Moderation: Jeffrey Brown

               Urban transformations and cultural transitions
The changes since 1989 are characterized by deregulation of economic structures, privatization of public spaces and the introduction of the principles of free market into social and cultural fields. This process is most evident in countries which are in the position to enter EU soon, impacting on the urban and natural environment and on social conditions. On a more personal level the need to assimilate specific behaviours and lifestyle introduce new dimensions of competition into social relations. Reports from different cities, about past or ongoing actions, personal experiences and observations will reflect the various ongoing, social and economic transformations and frame there real and symbolical effects.
Informal meeting, project and video presentations:
Urban Visuality after socialism (Vesselina Penevska, Sofia), Micro dynamics of transition (Doina Petrescu, Paris), Presentation Innenstadtaktionen (Berlin), Broumov Region Website (Jakub Deml, Irena Seznísková), Houba (presented by Vit Janecek), Ecohistory (presented by Tomas Skrdlant), Hotel svět / 4 okamžiky ticha - 4 moments of silence (presented by Tomáš Císařovský)

Some Trainrides and Walks in a Forgein Country (presented by John Tylo) and others
Screening program: A-Clips (presented by Innenstadtaktion, Berlin), Smontare Bagnoli (colletivo politico Napoli), Nonstop (Jan Gogola.jr), Praha Mizerná (Ave Bránik film presented by Jan Gogola jr., Prague), Eichsfeld: Landscape, Ideology and Boredome (Jenny Perlin and Trebor Scholz)
Discussion about urban transformations, new social environment, ecological crisis and consequences for personal experiences.

Participants: Richard Jung (Kutná Hora), Zeigam Azizov (London), Vít Janeček (Praha), Ludvik Hlaváček (Prague), Innenstadtaktion (Berlin), Jochen Becker (Berlin), Doina Petrescu (Paris), John Tylo (Linz), Vesselina Penevska (Sofia), Tomáš Škrdlant (Praha), Jan Piňos (Broumov), Mirek / Iva Vodrazka (Prague), Marie Haisová (Prague), Alena Wágnerová (Saarbrücken), Tereza Podlesáková (Prague), Jan Gogola jr. (Prague) and others ,

Moderation: Marion von Osten

                    Media Effects
The power over bandwidth and viewer numbers often substitute traditional political discussions and processes. The privatization of mass media and the growing influence of Business over the Internet has a substantial impact on the representation or non-representation of certain social and political realities. Critical or so called "non attractive" content can hardly be sold and therefor disappear from public consciousness. New independent media strategies have to be developed to give voice to under-represented ideas and to create new approaches to public.

Informal meeting and presentations:
Space Adventures (Vit Soukup), Presentation (Jeta Xharra), Presentation (Vanja Nikolic, Zagreb), Anthems (Kakalik), A Dokument fom the Balkan journey (Divus), Rádio Jelení (Derek Holzer), Linkage Website (Mongrel, London), imc (Prague) and others

Sreening program:
Bringing It to You (®TMark), Drill Instructor. Captain Full Metal Jack (Jochen Becker/Jesko Fezer, presented by Jochen Becker), Collateral damage (Gary Dempsey and Aaron Lukas with Jeffrey Brown and Tomas Valasek), Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media (Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick)

Discussion about the representation of social and political realities in commercialized an independent media with Micz Flor (Berlin), Pavel Klusák (Prague), Avdei Ter Onanian (Moskow), Brad DeLange (Praha), Gerard Wheelan (Praha), Vanja Nikolic (Zagreb), imc (Praha), Jeremy Druker (Prague), Jeta Xharra (Pristina), Derek Holzer (Praha), Michael Bielický (Praha), Tomáš Ruller (Brno), Antonin Kosík (Praha), Petra Jedličková (Praha), Danny Holmann (Prague), Jeffrey Brown (Praha) and others,

Moderation: Micz Flor

             Globalization Public Forum
On September 26 the IMF meeting in Prague will take place. Resistance against global rules like WTO, IMF and Worldbank is constantly growing, because of the successful actions of a global network of political, ecological and socially engaged NGO’s, grass roots organizations and individual activists. The growing lack of traditional public forms of responsability and solidarity forces new forms of political activism and social and ecological engagement. EuroVision2000 gives space to various critical cultural projects and activists who are concerned about the increasing ideological structures of the „old" and „new" economy and the totalitarian role which the representative institutions play in the globalization process.

18 -20
„Absolute talking business“
Video program about new labour and advanced capitalism:
Loading Animated Version (Angie Waller), absolute talking business (Peter Spillmann), The Global 500 (Oliver Ressler)

18 -20
„Free circulation not for capital only“
Videoprogram about migration:
Death in The River Neisse, (exclusiv,ARD), And this wind hurts (DocVideo, Turin), Juristic Bodies (dogfilm, Berlin)
18 -20
„Breaking the bank“
Video program about Seattle and the Anti-WTO movement
en vie (Manuel Poutte), Showdown in Seattle (Paper Tiger TV), Breaking the bank (Paper Tiger TV)

Every day from 14 - 17h

              Public Forum
informal meetings, presentations, discussions, actions and screenings  about global and local political and ecological activism
Presentations: INPEG (Prague), imc Praha, Allan Sekula (NY)
and others
Actions, interventions in Prague:
(Ex)change (Douglas Parsons and Petr Bakalář), traces of time (Kryštof & Bohuslav Blažek, Prague), Dear Bill Gates (Allan Sekula) and others.

Marion von Osten (born 1963) is an artist, curator, researcher, organizer-facilitator, and teacher. She is Honorary Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. She works with curatorial, artistic, and theoretical approaches that converge through the medium of exhibitions, installations, video, and text productions. Her main research interests concern cultural production in postcolonial societies, technologies of the self, and the governance of mobility. She is a founding member of Labor k3000 in Zürich and of kleines post-fordistisches Drama (kpD) and the Center for Post-colonial Knowledge and Culture in Berlin.

Between 2006 and 2012 she was Professor of Art and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna. From 1999 through 2006 she was Professor of Artistic Practice and researcher at the Institute for the Theory of Art and Design (ith), Zürich University of the Arts, Zürich. She has also lectured at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York and the Critical Studies Program, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö. Prior to that she was curator at Shedhalle Zürich from 1996 to 1999. Recent research and exhibition projects include:, Center for Post-Colonial Knowledge and Culture, Berlin, 2014; Model House—Mapping Transcultural Modernisms, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, 2010–2013; Architectures of Decolonization, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris, 2011–2012; The American Home, Hessel Museum, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, 2011; In the Desert of Modernity—Colonial Planning and After, Les Abattoirs de Casablanca, Casablanca, 2009 and House of World Cultures, Berlin, 2008; Projekt Migration, Cologne, 2002–2006; and TRANSIT MIGRATION, Zürich, Frankfurt, and Cologne, 2003–2005. Von Osten lives and works in Berlin. [Last updated 2016]

Peter Spillmann studierte Kunst und arbeitet seither als Kulturproduzent, Künstler und Ausstellungsmacher. Er ist Mitbegründer von verschiedenen selbstorganisierten Projekten, kuratierte eine Reihe von Ausstellungen und unterrichtet und forscht an der Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst. Arbeitsschwerpunkte in Forschung und Kulturproduktion sind künstlerische Strategien der Raumerkundung und des Mappings, kulturelle Effekte von Globalisierung (Tourismus und Migration) und postkoloniale Perspektiven. Aktuelle Projekte u.a. (2012) oder (2013).