Felicitas Rath: Concentration performance, On Stilts

convent, staircase
Plasy Monastery 1992

"This installation is called Concentration. It is the feeling I get walking up and down those stairs. Moving around a centre. An invisible axis. Watching the middle. The strings describe the movement, that happens in the space between the concrete staircase and its invisible centre.
Concentration is also related to the spiritual / mental activity that might have been going on in this convent for hundreds of years in an ongoing movement between the universe and human beings."
Felicitas Rath, 1992

German artist Felicitas Rath studied puppetry at the Figurentheater-Kolleg DIP in Bochum between 1982 and 1985, followed by modern dance studies at the Hooge School voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam (1996- 1998).
1996–2000 Designs, costume assistant for Stelios Vasikaridis
2004 photographic works: plants, urban landscapes
2010–2013 Director of Photographic Workshops at Kreismuseum Zons and Neusser Schulen in Rahmen under the "Culture and Schools" project
2014 product photography and product development for Die Blechfabrik and Haus der Steine GmbH in Düsseldorf
2015 independent journalist
2016 Decoration of interiors and exhibition stands with plants and natural materials