Guadalupe García Vásquez: What is Healthy

Caminando con el alma de paja, performance
yard of the prelature
Plasy Monastery 1992



Guadalupe García Vásquez did an open air performance with fruit baskets in front of the prelature.

The second work was a performance "Caminando con el alma de paja."

Guadalupe García Vásquez is a Mexican performer, a poet, a visual artist, a Buddhist who also confessed a religious cult of the Santier, and worships Virgin Mary Guadeloupe. Her work has a general overlap, but the author always emphasizes her indigenous roots. She was one of the first in Mexico to perform performances either alone or with the Bio-Arte group. It works with concept, picture, sound, costumes, but also nudity. She uses different found materials. Her work is based on conceptual art and feminism.

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