Horology of Dreamers / Growthrings

St. Benedict chapel

"The orchestra’s performed music is comparable to changing weather. It depeds on the instrumentation, the sound  and the mood of the players. It is a trip through the weather of May into the meadows and forests, homes, streets and railway stations, it is a dream journey to anywhere. The orchestra has lost itself. It lost itself somewhere far away, but it is still present. It is a piece of news, a quiet message, a wish, both a reaction and a screaming, a true image - simultaneously an illusion and a reflection of the dreamer’s soul. Despite its flighty nature, it  is materialized into a sort  of visible, communicative shape, which gets  surprisingly concrete at times." 

Jaroslav Kořán, 1992

The Horology of Dreamers performed this time twice in Plasy, always at sundown and always in the St. Benedict Chapel. Performers were: Jaroslav Kořán, Michal Kořán, Marek Šebelka and guests Martin Janíček, Michael Delia and Siri Austen.