Michal Murín: LSSD

Rites de Passage
Plasy Monastery 1998

Michal Murin (born in Prešov in 1963) is mostly known as a performer and intermedia artist. For over two decades he has been a core member of the Transmusic Comp. and the Society for Non-conventional Music. Today he heads two new media departments in the art academies in Banská Bystrica and Košice. He studied mathematic analysis and management at the University of Economics in Bratislava (MA), arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Technical University in Brno (MA), then he continued his postgraduate studies at AFAD Bratislava (PhD. in Art). Murín started his artistic career as an autodidact in 1983, later wrote Plays of the Plays manifesto (1985). Worked as a programmer in MUMPS language (1985-1990). Co-founded the Balvan group (1987-1992), Transmusic comp. (1989-96), Musicsolarium cycle (1993-1994), Sound Off festival (1995-2002), Lengow & HEyeRMEarS (with Cseres, 1997), Sneh, and Warps.

He is an international adviser of Rosenberg Museum, and a director of Piano Hotel. Author of the @rtzoom project, 1997. Editor of Avalanches 1990-1995 and Profil - Contemporary Art Magazine.
Writes for radioArt.

He was lecturing sound art, intermedia, new media, performance art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (2003-4). Currently he is a head of the "Digital media - IDM" studio at Intermedia and Digital Media FVU AKU at the Faculty of Fine Arts AKU Banská Bystrica, and a head of the "New media" studio at the Faculty of Art in Košice.

Founded DigiVAF(ex) festival (*2004), New Media POINT (*2008), Performaction (*2009), New Media Art & Digital Art Meeting Point (2011) and IDM NET.DATA database. Co-founded DIG Gallery in Košice (2012). Wrote a text about Jozef R. Juhász (2008), and edited a book Od analógového k digitálnemu. Nové pohľady na nové umenia v audiovizuálnom veku (with Jozef Cseres in 2011. He is member of Internationales Kunstler Gremium (IKG)