Monika & Bohuš Kubinský: The Sound of Silence

laser and sound installation
Plasy Monastery 1994

The basic incentive for the project was the celebration of the miracle of birth and thanksgiving for new-born life. The artists' inspiration was directly derived from the architectural understanding of the human body. The installation located in the dark eclliptical crypt under the big chapel of St. Benedict consisted of two blocks of saltstone, one cylindrical and one of conical, natural form. Inside of the bigger block was hidden a laser projector which connected – by red laser beam – to the other part of the sculpture.

The sound was provided by Peter Zagar. 

Bohuš Kubinský (born 1966, Žiar nad Hronom) is a Slovak sculptor who studied at the School of Applied Art in Kremnica (1980-1984) and then studied sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, in the studio of Jozef Jankovič (1986-1992). At present, he works as a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.
Monika Kubinský (born 1966) is a Slovak painter and restorer. She studied at the School of Applied Art in Kremnica (1980–1984). They entered the art scene together in the 1990s. During this period, Bohuš was devoted mainly to sculpture with post-conceptual overlaps and Monika to restoration and painting.
In their team work, the Kubinskis focused mainly on intermediate and site specific projects, where they work with paint and sometimes with acoustic elements. They also deal with architectural and public spaces, exhibiting in international contexts (Paris, Budapest, Netherlands, Austria or Lithuania).


Sponsored by Pro Slovakia – Fond pro kulturu na Slovensku.

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